Amazing Sports World Records

Not all world records set are a topic of discussion, but the most amazing sports world records have raised questions about the physical ability of the human body. Some of these records are yet to be broken because the people who set them are far much better than their rivals. The holders of these impressive sports world records are seen as special people exhibiting unique talents and are even immortalized.

Some of The Best Sports World Records

There are lots of interesting world records set, some recently acquired while others have been held for a long time. These impressive records are now part of the Guinness World Records. Some of these interesting world records include; spear catching held by Joe Alexander since 2009. He caught seven spears shot at him. The furthest arrow shot using the feet held by Claudia Gomez. Claudia fired a bow and arrow to a target placed 16 feet away.

Some Unbreakable Records in Sports History

In the sporting world, records are necessary because they connect generations of athletes and fans together. Some interesting world records set have stayed the same. The most unbreakable records include the following; a 9.58 seconds 100-meter Dash set by Usain Bolt in 2009, 33 consecutive wins in a single NBA season set by Los Angeles Lakers during 1971-1972 season and 131 career knockouts set by Archie Moore in 1938-63.

Amazing Sporting Records-Conclusion

In summary, records are very important in any sporting activity. They help you connect generations of players and also compare their sporting abilities. Some records could someday be broken but others such as 131 career knockouts by Archie Moore, 33 consecutive wins in a single NBA season by Los Angeles Lakers and 9.58 seconds 100-metre dash by Usain Bolt are unbreakable.