What is Parasailing?

Ever dreamt of rising upwards or in pursuit of a thrilling sea adventure? Parasailing is an adrenaline-filled activity of riding a parachute tied to a moving anchor. When the boat/vehicle moves, the parachute gains lift and raises you off the deck. The anchor’s movement holds you up, and even the most reserved person can float in the air effortlessly, enjoying a bird’s eye view of the sea.

How it Works

Among water sports, parasailing is so straightforward. It uses a specialized canopy wing parachute called a parasail that can carry up to three people, seated or hanging. It is tied to a moving anchor, say boat or truck using a harness. A winch releases you gradually so that as the vehicle moves, the person gets lifted in the air. Skilled parasailing operators will teach you how to parasail and tailor your experience with dips in the water, heights, and speeds.

Is it Dangerous?

Is parasailing dangerous? Most people think that but the truth is, the harness will keep you up even with little experience. Unfortunately, fear prevents people from enjoying this activity where you should just let go. It is a safe sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. If you manage expectations and follow the guidelines, parasailing will make you fall in love with soaring in the air.

How To Enjoy It

Parasailing is a bucket list activity; the views are fantastic, and the floatation is a magical experience. A little research and prep will give you all the confidence need to make it exciting. When you want to get wet, ask to be dunked or ask to be lifted higher to feel the breeze in your face. Lastly, opt to sit or to hang to make the ride more comfortable.

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