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Zorbing, which is also called globe-riding, orbing or sphereing is an intense recreation activity that involves rolling down a hill inside a transparent orb. For extreme adrenaline as well as thrill, this sport is usually performed on gentle slopes. For those who wish to have more control of the orb, they can perform it on a level surface.

History of Zorbing

The sport was invented by Andrew Akers together with Dwane van der Sluis. It was first played in 1994 in Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. It jas since spread to other parts including USA, Canada, Sweden, Estonia, and Poland. Zorbing, whose highest governing body is ZORB Limited is an ideal teambuilding sport. It is also one of those fun sports that you can engage when you are looking for an extreme activity to indulge in.

Different Kinds of Zorbing Orbs

The orbs used in comprise of two types. The harnessed and the non-harnessed. Non-harnessed orbs are designed to carry up to a maximum of three riders. On the other hand, the harnessed orbs are constructed for either one or two riders at a time. Zorbing, which falls under fun sports is safe and easy to understand, so don’t hesitate to add it on the list of your teambuilding sport activities.

Try Zorbing For A Thrilling Experience

While the idea of rolling down a slope while inside an orb may sound strange, Zorbing is worth a try. If you are the kind of people who love sports that get their adrenaline going, this is the sport for you. For a more exciting experience, you can choose to indulge in the sport with another person.