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Chess Boxing

While boxing is a duel that is usually characterised by ruthlessness and physical strength, Chess requires mental shrewdness and a clear mind. This therefore begs the question, what exactly is Chess Boxing? It is a hybrid sport that is increasingly gaining in popularity and combines both the physicality of boxing and the mental game of chess.

Defining Chess Boxing

Enthusiasts of the game see Chess Boxing as a merger between the intellectual and physical aspects of the combined sports. This competitive sport brings on board the two extremes of endurance, while blending them together. Competitors take part in alternating rounds of Chess and Boxing, to determine the ultimate winner between mind and body. Lepe Rubingh is the founding father of this sport and Enes Bilalović is one of the renowned Chess Boxing champions.

Chess Boxing Increasing Popularity

Since its inception, the popularity of this competitive sport has grown in leaps and bounds. The game is now considerably popular in Europe, having been founded in Germany, and is now a favorite pastime for many people in India, Russia and Great Britain. This also explains why some of the biggest names in Chess Boxing come from these countries.

Famous Chess Boxing Stars

If you have even the slightest interest in Chess Boxing, then you have probably heard of Russia’s former World Chess Boxing champion Nikolay. Others include Bulgaria’s Tihomir “Tigertad” Titschko, and the renowned UK star Tim Woolgar. There are many more sportsmen that are bringing the world of Chess Boxing to the forefront in different countries around the globe.