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Sepak Takraw

Sepak takraw, also known as chinlone or kick volleyball is a game that traces its roots in South East Asia. It differs from its sister volleyball game in that players are allowed to touch the ball using their chest, head, feet or even knees. Here, players use a rattan ball as well. Notably, most rules are similar to those of the conventional volleyball.

King’s Cup World Championships

King’s Cup World Championships is certainly the most prestigious tournament for this sport. It is dedicated to his majesty, the King of Thailand and was established in 1955. The sport is governed by the Asian Sepaktakraw Federation in Asia and the International Sepak Takraw Federation for other international countries outside Asia. Notably, the King’s Cup tournament has always been held in Thailand exclusively since its inception.

Some Insights into Sepak Takraw

The game derives its name from Southeast Asia. Indeed, the word Sepak is a Malay word meaning kick. Takraw, on the other hand, is a Thai word meaning woven ball. The ball is woven and is made of synthetic fibre. Its court is similar to that of badminton and measures 13.4 m long and 6.1 m wide.

Game Rules at the Pitch

Usually, this game requires three players on each side of the pitch. This includes server, striker and bowler. Also, a team is allowed a maximum of three passes before passing on the ball to the other side of the net. If players leave their respective positions, they can easily lose points.