Karela Blerynthar – The Artist Assassin

This character was a player character from the very early years of the game – Sadly I’ve long since lost touch with the player who created her. Thanks to Sean (Pandemonium) who suggested one or two of the aspects – I’ll take no responsibility for the one that sounds like the title of a 1970s exploitation movie.

With 30 skill levels she’s actually at the upper end of the range of campaign power levels – she’s out of place for a street-level game.

Name: Karela Blerynthar
Noble Artist and Assassin, Filgeth
Life for the moment
Tall and slim female kandar with long, long legs and a figure to die for, Karela is guaranteed to draw attention (unless she’s trying not to). She has waist-length steel-black hair which she sometimes wears straight, sometimes in ringlets, braids, plaits or in bizarre creations if she considers a new style is essential for a formal meeting. Her skin is smooth with a hint of olive and her dark, almost black almond-shaped eyes are set off by high cheekbones. Her full lips might one moment be poised for a kiss, then a pout, then a cruel sneer.

Lives more than a double life
Kandar daughter of depravity
Idle noble of Clan Blerynthar [Rank]
The art of assassination
Execute with precision and taste
Up close and personal
Looks to die for
Must avoid her parents

Stealth: Great
Charm: Great
Art: Good
Rank: Good
Melee (Knife, Fencing Blade): Good
Deceit: Fair
Athletics: Fair
Breaking and Entering: Fair
Perception: Fair
Willpower: Average
Insight: Average
Kandar Social Graces: Average
Languages: Average
Kandar Education: Average

With no particular duties to occupy her at home as the third daughter in a minor noble house of the Great Empire, Karela first took up painting, then fencing as ways to occupy her time in Keylin, beyond the decadent and depraved manner in which she was expected to lead her life. Her family has never been powerful enough to vie for power and has instead dedicated itself to the service of enough other great families to ensure its survival through any number of intrigues and purges, though a few members might be sacrificed. One of her uncles introduced her to the fine art of assassination and from then on her life hasn’t been the same.

Karela is as serious about assassination as she is about her painting, both are arts which deserve to be executed with skill, precision and taste. Not for her the random act of poisoning or the remoteness of the crossbow or flamelance. No, Karela likes the “up close and personal” approach, a dagger in the ribs, a slit throat in the night or the precise thrust of a rapier in a dim corridor or boudoir.

Karela presents three alternative faces to the world: An idle daughter of a noble house with nothing better to do than travel around, painting, visiting distant relatives, getting into scrapes and causing scandal. A competent, secretive assassin, whether as an agent of the Vulan or freelance. An amoral slut, forced by circumstance into a life of depravity. These three aspects are all part of Karela and she is likely to establish all three identities in a city, though the assassin will only appear if she has work to do.

She has no particular motives or goals, she simply seeks to pursue her arts, enjoy life as any decadent Kandar should, spend money, steer clear of her parents, serve the Vulan when necessary and gather enough dirt on other nobles so as to collect favours and protection for the rest of her life.

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