Character Generation Playtest – First Pass, Phase Three

And into the third round we go. You’re all writing far more than I expected!  If I’ve read it all correctly, we now have the following connections:

  • Andlak -> Rutgar, Reneth
  • Nyesh -> Dreyrath, Fyala, Ziryon
  • Will -> Rutgar, Dreyrath
  • Ziryon -> Abilyr, Nyesh, Dreyrath
  • Mirlark -> Eythduis, and I’m assuming his missing mother is the second NPC.

And therefore the following NPCs

  • Reneth – Journeyman in the Maker’s guild
  • Abilyr – now a master of the Academy of Knowledge
  • Rutgar – A seasoned gladiator.
  • Dreyrath – Successful merchant with connections in high places in Calbeyn
  • Fyala – Dreyrath’s daughter
  • Eythduis d’n Zafeyn – The Verger at the Temple of Rulana (Need a more Kalyran title though – this is not the C of E!)
  • The first part of Mirlark saga didn’t specify an NPC, so I’m going to declare it to be Mirlark’s mother.

So now – what happens next?

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3 Responses to Character Generation Playtest – First Pass, Phase Three

  1. Louis says:

    “Greetings Verger. This is Journeyman Gurien. He is with me to look at your installation, since it is not a common type. Can you bring us to the equipment block”

    “Ah, yes Journeyman Ziryon. Follow me. I cannot stay with you. We have a patron coming to visit so the courtyard will be full. If you finish before I come back, Her Reverence will be pleased if you waited here.”

    “This will take a bit. We can use it as a training time.
    Sorry. The Verger is pretty officious. But he tries to do right by the Guardians. And he does not get in the way.
    Here are the batteries I told you about. Someone tried to reset the primary seals, but they were obviously moved. I left this one alone so you can see how they did them. ”

    “You are getting better at setting the secondary seals Ziryon. Whoever did this didn’t notice them. What did they get?”

    “They only went for this bank. They must have thought the casings were ordinary boxes because it does not look like they even tried to take them off their mounts. They probably were hoping that no one would notice. They drained half the fluid and took half the plates. I don’t think they knew what they were doing though. I saw signs off dripping fluid outside. The fluid is corrosive and will eat through most containers.”

    “Ok. This is a problem. Do you think the temple is doing it?”

    “Can’t say. The Verger does not seem competent enough to try such a thing.”

    “We’ll have to think about how to handle this one. Hmm. Look at that. Those must be the muckety mucks.”

    “I know them. They are from the Dreyrath household. Dreyrath and the steward up front. A few of the Filgreth clans have their stewards here as well. The pretty girl is Dreyrath’s daughter Fyala. Next to here is Nyesh. He is the nosy minder I was telling you about. The others are members of the Dreyrath household and security team.”

    “Why members of the household? Probably to pad the numbers to make it look impressive. Do you think Nyesh is a problem?”

    “The other journeymen, Master Abilyr and I have talked. We are usually minded by someone on their security team, and noone else has made any attempt to be too curious about our work. And Nyesh is a bit of a loner in the household so we suspect that he is doing this on his own. We make sure that critical stuff is when he has to step out, or sometimes we just happen to have to make a final trip to finish the job.”

    “Fair enough. Abilyr has pretty good sense. By the way, you are not too bad either for someone who has just walked. Have you thought about coming over to Security Ziryon?”

    “No, I like doing honest work for a living thank you very much :-) What do you think we should do about this?”

    “Haha, not everyone has to hide who they are. But it helps to have some people in Security who know the Technical side. But the other way around is good too sometimes. Not everyone understands that we cannot work in the open all the time.

    Let’s reset things as they were. I think the temple is due for an administrative inspection. We need to talk to the good Verger and the Priestess about this. But that is for someone who can do it openly. Ah, the good Verger is coming back.”

    “Journeymen. I trust all is well? What a day. So much to do to maintain the grace of the Guardians.”

    “Verger. There is some work that needs to be done here. It is good training for others to see the less common equipment to make sure we don’t forget.”

    “Yes, it is very important to make sure we don’t forget. Oh, when I think about the times we find archives in storerooms that we did not realize had documents, of all that knowledge and wisdom of the Guardians that we have not been passing down ourselves. I sometimes wonder why they don’t just give up on us. The grace of the Guardians is beyond words.”

    “We all have our duties. Are we able to leave yet?”

    “Just a few minutes. Our patron and his party are finishing up soon and will be processing out. He is a worthy Kandar, properly honoring the Guardians today.”

    “We’ll wait here until you tell us it is clear.”

    • Louis says:

      For those keeping score, Ziryon has had to work with Security a couple times now. “Journeyman Gurien” is on the covert Security side. The tamperers of Academy equipment at the Temple are related to the sick plants of the temple. The Verger and Priestess will make the connection when they are confronted. I presume that Ziryon and Mirlark will recognize each other from their days on the plantation when the introductions are made as part of any investigation.

      Nyesh has been noted, but noone is doing anything about it for now. There are only so much Security assets to go around.

  2. Sean says:

    Will had survived the Grand Melee and even earned a bit of recognition. But it wasn’t really a bout. No the true test would be one on one. Which was to be very soon.
    Rutgar had prepared him, and he was ready. Still his heart thundered in his chest with the trepidation. Today he would entertain the crowd. This wasn’t a fight to the death. It wouldn’t do to waste future talent. No their job was to dance around the arena making it look like a good fight yet not actually killing or even maiming the other. Yet another of the trials on his way to becoming a gladiator.

    The bloody sand pit they called the arena wasn’t as hot as it would get in a few hours, yet Will still dripped with sweat inside of his armor. The metal was hot as he stepped on to the sand. He glanced up at the crowds piling into their seats. There weren’t many people actually in their seats, but it didn’t matter, entertainment was what he was there to provide.

    His eyes caught a flash of sunlight on highly polished metal. His opponent had stepped into the arena. They began to move closer, to begin the deadly dance that was entertainment for the masses.

    Will couldn’t really tell anyone what had happened over the course of the next few minutes. He remembered the shock that his opponent wasn’t a man, she was a woman. She moved with more grace and deadly skill than Will had. She had placid blue eyes that none the less held an intense gaze. And her blows to his helmet rung like a bell.

    Lying here being treated by the healer he wondered how he had distinguished himself. Turning his head he noted Rutgar near by. He tried to speak but it only came out as a croak. The healer nodded and Rutgar offered Will some water to drink. A few swallows helped with that. He was finally able to ask “who was she? How did I do?” The order wasn’t important, but he wanted to know both answers.

    Rutgar said her name was “Naomi” and she was visiting with her trainer. They threw her in to give her some practice. You did alright, but she beat you to a pulp. Don’t worry the healer will fix you up just fine. The bosses are happy with your performance.

    Sleep followed yet he didn’t forget the healer nor Naomi.

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