The Guardianspeaker

Another fictional vignette. This one is a actually a rewriting of the opening GM post for one of the player character in Dreamlyrics.

Jorlak stood in the windowless chamber beneath the temple and placed his hands upon the oracle.

Once the ancient device connected with his mind, the stone-walled room gradually faded from view, and Jorlak found himself in the other world. His body remained in the temple, he knew, frozen in place with hands fixed to that strange artefact on it’s pedestal. But his consciousness was in that strange place where The Guardians dwelt.

He found himself in a vast library, books and scrolls beyond counting, on shelves that went on apparently forever in all directions. He was in the library of of the Guardian Zardor. Not only that, he found himself looking straight into the timeless immortal eyes of the Guardian himself.

This was clearly something significant; normally Jorlak, as one of the most junior of the temple’s Guardianspeakers, dealt with one of Zardor’s servitors, spirits of the most faithful servants serving him in this realm beyond the end of their mortal lives. Just as significantly, Zardor appeared to him this time as a human.

“My servant Jorlak”, said the Guardian, “I have a task for you to perform”.

Jorlak nodded, but said nothing. You don’t interrupt a Guardian or ask silly questions.

“The Academy of Knowledge”, Zardor continued, “You saw their airship arrive yesterday”.

Jorlak nodded again. Everyone in the city had seen that vast ancient machine, now tethered to the Academy’s dome. The streets and taverns were buzzing with speculation over why it had come, and who or what might be aboard it. There were rumours that it contained terrible weapons.

“You are to find out as much as you can about that craft’s mission and contents. The fate of the whole of Kalyr may be at stake. You are my eyes and ears in this city, and as a human, you may get to see and hear things that a kandar might not. Dress in street clothes so you’re not recognised as one of my servants, and visit the taverns off-duty academicians frequent. Listen, gain their confidence, get them to speak. Separate truth from rumours, as a good servant of mine must”.

With those words, he turns to leave. As he does so, the infinite library fades, and Jorlak finds himself back that featureless underground chamber, wondering how might follow The Guardian’s order without getting himself killed by The Academy of Knowledge’s feared Men In Black.

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