One of my favourite line in any RPG rulebook comes from The Dying Earth RPG, and reads as follows:

If you give your character a mundane or anachronistic name, like Nigel or Sue, your GM should allow you proceed though the entire creation process, only to have your character horribly slain in the opening scene of the first adventure. Do not say we failed to warn you.

The Dying Earth RPG is of course based on Jack Vance’s famous fantasy novel of the same name. While Kalyr is not based on any specific Vance work, many of his novels have influenced the setting.

I think we should enforce this rule :)

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3 Responses to Names

  1. As I have posted before, I find names very difficult.

    Many years ago some friends of mine devised a random name generator. So many years ago that I believe it was written in VB3, a programing language which many developers now will not have heard of.

    There I times when I wish I had the source code for that program. Surely it would not be difficult to reimpliment.

    If you want to kill off characters whose names do not fit their backgrounds, please can you post (or would it be re-post?) the rules which determine the names which do fit.

  2. TimHall says:

    Random name generators are easy enough to write – I really ought put put a Javascript one online on this site.

    The hardest bit’s not writing the actual code, but seeding it with syllables or name fragments that will produce names with the right sort of feel. To do it properly you need to think about the actual imaginary linguistics.

  3. Michael Orton says:

    True, I’m very sure the source data is the the difficult bit rather than the code to manipulate that data.

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