Kalyr is a game about people, not a game of gods and monsters. This fellow is the nearest things to an out-and-out monster who’s ever appeared in the game, a psychotic alien serial killer shaped like a blob.

So, should he go into the “Sample NPC” list? What do people think?

Murderous Demon Serial Killer
Shapeless Alien Blob
Relies on Psi for senses, communication and manipulation
Not a native of Kalyr
The Power of Mindswitch
Kills through Telekinesis
Needs a host for maximum effectiveness
The Servants of The Academy of Life Must Die!

Unarmed Combat: Superb
Mind Control: Superb
Body Control: Great
Telekinisis: Great
Endurance: Good
Willpower: Good
Stealth: Good
Athletics: Fair
Strength: Fair
Language (Native alien tongue, Mannish, Filgan, Vohrran): Fair
Administration: Fair
Natural Science: Average
Far-Sensing: Average
Mind-Reading: Average
Mindspeech: Average
Technical Devices: Average

Zoyvegkk Uup is an alien, of a strange race called The Drarth. His natural form is a shapeless blob. He can extrude pseudopods, and can even assume a vaguely humanoid shape when required, but he has to use psionics for senses, communication and fine manipulation.

Although there are others of his race living in remote parts of Kalyr, Zoyvegkk Uup is not himself a native, but was sent to Kalyr by some outside agency on a mission which involved some kind of investigation into the activities of The Academy of Life. Quite what that mission was, or even the name and origin of that outside agency is forgotten. Even to Zoyvegkk Uup, for he has forgotten.

Somewhere, and somehow, he ended up in a titanic battle involving both a kandar wizard and a skilled martial artist. The battle left Zoyvegkk’s two opponents dead, but Zoyvegkk himself seriously brain-burned. The pain turned him, never that stable in the first place, seriously insane, even by the standards strange standards of his race.

Zoyvegkk is now a serial killer, preying on the Academy of Life, and anyone who he suspects of serving them. Many of those he’s killed are innocents who had no links with the Academy.

He has many ways of killing. Sometimes he attacks physically, lashing out with pseudopods in all directions, using martial arts knowledge subsumed from the martial artist he fought. Sometimes he kills by Telekinesis alone. Sometimes he mind-controls his victims, forcing them to kill one another. Sometimes he mindswitches from victim to victim, channelling his martial arts skills through kandar and human bodies.

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