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Actual play examples

The Guardianspeaker

Another fictional vignette. This one is a actually a rewriting of the opening GM post for one of the player character in Dreamlyrics. Jorlak stood in the windowless chamber beneath the temple and placed his hands upon the oracle. Once … Continue reading

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Example Social Conflict – The “pre-trial” of Dhermyrdh

This scene resolves a major social conflict. The player characters have fingered and apprehended the suspected traitor Dhermyrdh (with a bit of collateral damage), and must bring him before the head of the Academy of the Mind, who will decide … Continue reading

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In The House of Zalyn

This is game transcript from the ongoing game on Dreamlyrics. Largely unedited, which is why the tense isn’t consistent – my GM posts are in third person present, whereas Veluitara’s player was posting in past tense. Shouldn’t ruin readability, though. … Continue reading

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