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The Guardianspeaker

Another fictional vignette. This one is a actually a rewriting of the opening GM post for one of the player character in Dreamlyrics. Jorlak stood in the windowless chamber beneath the temple and placed his hands upon the oracle. Once … Continue reading

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A Day in the Life of a Knight

Another fictional vignette. Asath d’n Vesheyrnath spoke the word of command to kill the lighting, and left the underground hall in darkness. As he emerged blinking into the Calbeyn daylight he wondered whether any of those boys or girls, kandar … Continue reading

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Arrival at Calbeyn

Fictional vignette number three. These are all starting to follow a predictable structure, a point-of-view character who’s both an archetypal character for the setting and a viable PC, some elements of setting colour, and an something resembling an adventure seed. … Continue reading

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The Caravan

Another fictional vignette. For a merchant, the highest risk brings the highest profit. For Urluis d’n Farnath, trading across the front line of a war is about as risky as it gets. To keep well away from the actual war … Continue reading

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Trouble in Elbeyn

I’m toying with the idea of the presenting as much as possible of the game setting in the form of short fiction, in which a lot of the game background is implied rather than stated explicitly in dry info-dumps. This … Continue reading

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