There are a great many races in Kalyr, but the most significant races in the game are the kandar and the humans. Therefore if you’re new to the world of Kalyr, your first character should be one of the those two races. With the GM’s permission, it’s possible for experienced players to play some of the stranger, more exotic races found in more obscure corners of the world, but they might be more difficult to fit into many games.


Physically, the kandar are slender humanoids, a head taller than humans, with copper coloured skin; some individuals have a purplish or even a greenish tinge to them. Compared with humans, kandar are graceful and agile, but not quite as physically tough. To human eyes their faces have a severe beauty, although human perceptions of them are tempered by their reputation of a cruel nature. Natural hair colour is pale grey, but most kandar dye their hair, and undyed grey is a sign of poverty or asceticism. Colours change with the seasons, sometimes muted shades are ‘in’, other times the fashion is for lurid greens and oranges.

Kandar Names
Kandar names have no meaning in present kandar languages, although most names have a derivation from something meaningful in Old Kandar. Full names are expressed in the form (personal name) (clan name) d’n (name of same sex parent) d’r (name of other parent) d’n (name of most illustrious grandparent). Only higher status kandar who can trace their line back to one of the fifteen clans of ancient times use the clan name, which is passed down the line of the same sex parent. Only the personal name plus the clan name is used in everyday life.

  • Typical Male Names: Aruimor, Atinzeth, Breyrol, Elisar, Fromthir, Iodeth, Irkovor, Ithugar, Karogeth, Kolath, Kylar, Martheyn, Murar, Narluis, Ningor, Omzaror, Reneth, Ruseyn, Ruslar, Vovir, Vrykath, Ythebyr, Zedreyr
  • Typical Female Names: Arkuthana, Dozrele, Enthindene, Fanata, Karela, Kleynate, Kurzele, Mudlala, Murgala, Napate, Nyrtene, Seymthata, Sylene, Tanala, Teythate, Uilfathrate, Vreyrala, Vruivana


Humans are shorter and stockier than kandar, although they’re physically rather tougher. Kandar consider humans to look brutish and bestial, although humans are quite happy to look the way they do. There’s a lot more variation in hair and skin colour; a visitor from today’s world would find the human population to appear physically cosmopolitan, with all major racial groups represented.

Human Names
Human names lack the formal system of kandar naming, and many humans get by with just a single name, qualified by something like ‘son of’ or ‘red-headed’. There’s a lot of variety in names, but they tend to be simpler.

  • Typical Names: Andar, Asher, Gannir, Hollis, Jaldaric, Jor, Jorlak, Keila, Kir, Klarrash, Luanu, Teleen, Zul

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