Filgeth is the land ruled from the city of the same name. The city is the most ancient kandar city, the kandar calendar being based upon it’s founding day. In it’s long history, Filgeth has been sacked by zughru and later been resettled. Once the capital of the empire, it is now somewhat of a backwater.


Most of the population lives in the city of Filgeth itself. Like most kandar cities, it is surrounded by plantations and farms. There are a number of settlements along the banks of the river Fil, which is navigable to sea-going ships right up to the city. The eastern border with Calbeyn is marked by the Zoryn mountains, which can only be crossed by the narrow Kovik and Zazor passes, both of which are occasionally closed by snow in the winter. Much trade passes though the Kovik pass to and from Calbeyn. To the west lies miles of lawless wilderness.


Filgeth is ruled by the elderly Sarkan Vosil, who has yet to announced an heir. Many believe that when he dies there will be a bitter struggle for succession. There is already a power struggle between the more forward-looking kandar who favour more rights for humans, and the traditionalists who oppose them. Filgeth is due for some interesting times in the near-future.

If that wasn’t enough, Filgeth, along with neighbouring Calbeyn, is currently at war with the zughru of Rhukadh, when a long-running dispute over mineral rights turned to actual fighting. The actual war consists of a large amount of the two sides glaring at each other across the front lines, punctuated by the occasional skirmish or hit and run raid. Nevertheless, much of Filgeth’s half of the fifth legion is tied up at the front, and there are some foreign troops in the area, including some from Karmork, ostensibly helping Filgeth, but many have questioned their real intentions, and suggest they’re really there to back a potential pro-Karmork coup.


In some ways, Filgeth is a microcosm of Kalyr as a whole. The broad river divides the city into human and kandar halves. In the wealthy Kandar east bank, life resembles that in the Vohrleyn empire, albeit on a smaller and more rustic scale. On the mostly human west bank, kandar will not venture into most districts after dark, and the warren-like streets of many of the poorer districts are dangerous even in daytime. The guilds are of course controlled by kandar, but many high ranking masters are not noble-born, and an increasing number of journeymen are human. Traditionalist kandar naturally deeply resent this, and hope to roll back the gains humans have made, and many covertly or openly support the ideas of Sarkan Vorsath of Karmork. Those of other nations frequently see Filgan kandar as stubborn and backward-looking, resisting any new ideas.

Adventuring in Filgeth

Filgeth is a good place to get the characters caught up in a major event. Filgan society is divided along the same faultlines as Kalyr as a whole, and soon as the Sarkan dies it’s can to blow up in their faces and force everyone to choose sides. The city is just about small enough for the characters to make a real difference in the outcome.

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  1. Michael says:

    I remember a map of Calbeyn, is there one of Filgeth?

    I’m particularly wondering about any parks.

    Also, I think you may want to edit the final paragraph slightly.

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