The desert land of Kasir is definitely the strangest of the kandar nations, as it has a culture totally different from the rest of the kandar world. This is because it is geographically remote, and was completely isolated for centuries.

The area was not settled until after the doomwar. A few kandar had lived a nomadic existence on the edges of the southern desert for many years, and some managed to cross the desert find a fertile valley on the other side. From small early settlements, the kandar spread along the valley.


Kasir lies along the valley of the river Tasar. The settled area is about five miles wide and several hundred miles long. All settlements are within two or three miles of the river, usually on higher ground to avoid flooding. Much of the flood plain is cultivated, and the land is criss-crossed with irrigation canals. Beyond the settled area lies miles of seemingly endless desert. The oldest settlement is the capital city of Kas.

Kasir can only be reached by a sea voyage across the inner sea, followed by a long caravan route across the desert, or by an even longer sea voyage round the coast and up the river.


Kasir is ruled by an absolute monarch, the Olid. The Olid appoints all lesser rulers, who in turn appoint those below then, and so on. Anyone other than the Olid himself can be dismissed at any time, for any reason. This pyramid-like social structure extends right down to the most lowly slave. Under some Olids, this has resulted in the most totalitarian society imaginable, although this is not the case under all rulers. There tends to be a lot of intrigue, with people always trying to discredit rivals.


Kasirans all tend to dress alike. The most common clothing is a loose brown-coloured robe covering most of the body. Most people have their heads covered out of doors to protect themselves from the heat of the sun. Most activities take place in the morning or evening, with few people about during the hottest part of the day. There are no humans in Kasir, so any human adventurers will tend to stick out.

The use of mind-altering substances is common and socially acceptable in Kasir, taking the place of alcohol, which is unknown. Many strange and exotic spices find their way into most food and drink. Kasiran food is strange and almost unpalatable to non-kasirans, consisting of unidentifiable fried objects, and concoctions containing so much spice that little else can be tasted.

Buildings and Technology

Kasiran architecture is austere. Most buildings are made of brown mud bricks, and tend to be rectangular in shape. Because of the low rainfall in the area, flat roofs are commonplace. Only the most important public and government buildings are built of stone. These are often of massive construction, with walls twenty or more feet thick. The technological base here is significantly lower than the rest of Kalyr, and “foreign” higher technology is very rare due to Kasir’s remoteness. The Karazthan have no known presence here.

Religion and Psionics

The Guardians are not worshipped at all in Kasir. Instead, the Olid himself is worshipped as a divine ruler. There are a great many wizards, including some very powerful ones. There are reputed to be many powerful shape-shifting creatures, possibly of alien origin, a few of which have become the subject of worship by underground cults.

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