The Far West

The far west is the term given to the lands to the west of Filgeth. This area was always sparsely populated, and what kandar towns existed were largely abandoned after the doomwar. It is now a lawless area populated mainly by humans and vordral, but also including some zughru and kandar. There are rumours of other, stranger races.


Much of the area is mountainous and fairly barren. The only significant kandar city was the coastal city of Tagayr, which was destroyed in the doomwar. There were a number of smaller kandar settlements, mostly along the relatively fertile coastal strip north and south of Tagayr, but they were all abandoned centuries ago. The more recent settlers have built many small villages, mostly well away from the old towns. The largest settlement is the ‘free city’ of Nucumban, with a population of about ten thousand. No other settlement even approaches this size. There was once a network of kandar roads, but they have long since fallen into disrepair, and are impassable in many places.


There is no unifying political force here. Some of the zughru claim to be citizens of Rhukadh, but it is unlikely that the rulers in Rhukadh even know of their existence. The many human and vordral tribes recognise no-one higher than a village leader or tribal warlord. Many areas are ruled by cruel petty tyrants. Fair and just rulers with any power are rare. Even the city of Nucumban has no government as such, and is ruled by a collection of petty warlords who only band together if the city is attacked.


Life in this area could be described as nasty, brutish and short, as there are many nomadic vordral and human tribes who prey on anyone they can lay their hands on. Many people are fugitives from kandar justice. Any kandar who comes near them risks death. Most permanent settlements are built by humans, the vordral and other races tending to be nomadic. Technology is rare, and tends to be regarded with fear or superstitious awe. Some humans hate and fear anyone who uses psionics, and will kill anyone using psi given the chance.

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