The Numidican Republic

The Numidican Republic is the only major human nation in existence. It formed about a hundred years ago, growing out an alliance of small free-human communities in the southern part of the Zurglauz peninsula that had themselves been around a hundred or so years. It started as a defensive alliance against Karmork in the south, and subsequently coalesced into a nation under the leadership of Talver Rallon, the nation’s great Hero.

Numidix is not formally recognised by any kandar nation, some of which don’t even acknowledge it’s existance. Few kandar are aware of the size or extent of the republic. A few Ravenan merchants and some Karmorki military people know rather more, to the profit of the first, and to the cost of the second.


Numidix is mostly covered in dense coniferous forest. It is bounded by the Karmork sea in the south, and the mountains in the north. There are no really large cities, but there are a great many small towns and villages. The capital, Nuhiln, is the largest single town, and is far smaller than any kandar city. There are no settlements at all on the southern coast nearest to Karmork, although there are many small military encampments. The two main border posts are heavily defended western port of Karlan, and the northern frontier town of Zak Nakauz where the republic borders the zughru kingdom of Zurglauz.


The population is almost exclusively human. With good reason, they tend to be suspicious of outsiders, especially kandar. Society is very egalitarian, with no formal ranks or status, almost certainly a conscious reaction against the stratified society of the kandar. The Universal Church is a significant influence here. Although it has no direct political role, priests are well respected and their opinions always carry a lot of weight. There is a fair bit of trade with the zughru of Zurglauz to the north, and several ships ply between the port of Karlan and Ravenah or Klineth.


Unique in Kalyr, Numidix is a representative democracy. Each town or village elects a local council, which in turn appoints members to one of several larger regional councils. Those regional councils in turn appoint representatives to the grand council of all Numidix, a body about fifty people that normally meets twice a year. The current leader of the Council is the recently elected Lamar Vjarin, a silver-tongued diplomat who advocates a long term policy of forcing the kandar nations of the south to formally recognise Numidix as a nation. Rumours abound that he’s heavily influenced by a shadowy kandar psionic advisor, whose identity is uncertain, which leads a sizable political faction to distrust him. His main political opponent is the isolationist Dentar Isank, a firebrand orator who deeply distrusts the kandar.

Each level of government passes it’s own laws and raise it’s own taxes, and different communities often have vastly diverse laws and values.

Always aware of the powerful enemy in the south, Numidix maintains a considerable military force, trained to fight in guerrilla warfare by the current War Leader, the brilliant strategist Yarvin Dors . A recent large scale incursion mounted by the Konaic Empire found the Numidican forces appear to melt away before them. Any villages they captured were completely deserted. The Konaic columns were then subject to repeated ambushes, and each time the Numidicans disappeared back into the forest. Very few karmorkis returned alive at the end of the campaign. This has made the Karmorkis realise that Numidix is no pushover.

Adventuring in The Numidican Republic

Adventures set in the republic should emphasise the contrast with kandar-ruled lands. Humans used to cringing before kandar overlords will find it an eye-opener. The more intolerant of the kandar will find the very existence of the place terrifying, and an all-kandar party will find things as hard as an all-human party in Karmork.

There are two modes for adventures set here. One is to have player characters that have thrown their lot in with the republic, and fight to defend it, mostly likely from Karmork. This might be a largely military game, fighting guerrilla warfare in the forests against Karmorki knights and legionnaires, but could also involve cloak-and-dagger stuff, both defending against would-be assassins, and taking the fight to the enemy.

The other mode is for player characters from kandar lands having to travel to the republic. Maybe some fugitive from justice is hiding out there, and needs to be bought back. Maybe an ambitious merchant from Ravenah wishes to open up a new trade route. Or maybe they’re spies, sent in to assess how much of the threat the republic poses to the kandar nations to the south.

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