Human Religion

There are many theories amongst humans and non-religious kandar as to the true nature of the Guardians. One theory, popular amongst wizards, is that the Guardians are powerful wizards who have extended their lives far beyond normal life-spans in order to serve a noble cause, or though sheer force of will. Other wizards believe that they represent the collective latent psionic power of their worshippers. Some members of the many human cults believe that they are a mixture of angels, serving the One True God, and devils hell- bent on destruction of humanity. Yet another theory suggests that they are they are powerful immortal alien beings. The theory is that they do not exist at all finds few supporters when the Guardians can demonstrate their existence by throwing lightning bolts from the sky.

A few humans also worship the guardians, some even rising in the ranks to become priests or knights. But there are also a weird and wonderful array of human cults, many of them apocalyptic sects preaching wars of liberation against the kandar. These sects are often heavily suppressed by the kandar authorities for obvious reasons, so are forced underground, at least in kandar-controlled areas. Very few have any formal priesthood or theology, and many are short-lived. The majority are vaguely monotheistic. Here are a few of the longer established ones:


A variety of cults know as Purgatorists believe that humanity is being punished by God for past sins by being enslaved by the kandar, after having their memories of any past life erased. When humanity is considered to have suffered enough, a figure called The Liberator will be sent, who will destroy the kandar utterly, and free mankind. Those humans who are not worthy will be destroyed along with the kandar. Until the Liberator appears, humanity must continue to serve the kandar. These cults are fairly widespread in kandar cities, and tend to spawn breakaway sects with great frequency. Most purgatorists regard the Guardians as devils.

Warriors of Freedom

The Warriors of Freedom started as a breakaway from a purgatorist sect. They believe that humanity must destroy the kandar on their own, rather than wait for a liberator to appear. They are particularly heavily suppressed by the kandar, for obvious reasons, but are popular in free human areas. Some consider them to be more of a guerilla movement with mystical overtones than a religion, while others maintain that they are both.


Doorists are another breakaway sect from the Purgatorists. They maintain that the Liberator, whom they refer to as “Door”, has already appeared, but his biding his time, and prepares and instructs his people for the coming war.


Reliversare yet another breakaway sects from the Purgatorists, who believe the Kandar are the chosen instruments of God’s will, to whose rule must humans must willingly submitted. They believe that humans are reincarnated as kandar if they are “good” or as vordral if they are not. This is one cult which is generally tolerated by the kandar, and is occasionally even actively encouraged. The Guardians are both feared and revered as gods.


The followers of “Zelkalor” are typical of the human cults which appear out of nowhere and usually disappear again with the same rapidity. Zelkalor promises universal peace and between the races, which will happen when he gains enough followers of all races to achieve “cosmic harmony”. This cult spread rapidly in the north-west, but now seems to be waning. For reasons know only to themselves, The Academy of Knowledge violently opposes this cult. Their operatives consistently refuse to elaborate as to quite why. (Quite possibly they don’t know themselves, and are only following orders from that organisation’s enigmatic leadership).

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