The Academy of Life

The Academy of Life is to life sciences what the Academy of Knowledge is to ‘dry’ technology. They breed the animals and develop the strains of high yield crops that keep the populations of the cities fed. At least that’s their public side.

If the Academy of Knowledge has a sinister enough reputation, the Academy of Life is worse. Their main facilities are not located within cities, but in remote rural locations, often heavily guarded, where visitors are either severely discouraged or prevented altogether. Their presence in towns and cities is confined to small front offices staffed by a few people from the Administrative Division with the odd guard from Security. Unlike the Academy of Knowledge, the Academy of Life is very kandar dominated, with no humans to be found in positions above the most menial.

Organisationally they’ve structured along similar lines to the Academy of Knowledge, with the Administration and Security divisions handling similar functions as their equivalents. There are two divisions handling the actual work of the guild, the Division of Beasts, and the Division of Plants. Both divisions possess knowledge of life sciences well beyond that of the rest of Kalyr.

The Security Division is heavily armed, equipped with the sort of weaponry otherwise restricted to the military or the Academy of Knowledge. While much of this is supplied by the Academy of Knowledge under very strict usage agreements, there’s evidence that the Academy of Life has access to high-tech weaponry from some other source. The Academy of Knowledge would very much like to find out what that source is.

Little is known about what goes on inside the fortified rural facilities, although there are all kinds of rumours, which may or may not be true. There are stories of strange creatures being spawned in vats, either as ultimate soldiers or brute dumb slaves. Of artificial plagues designed to wipe up humans. Even of exact simulacrums of individuals who can be substituted for the real person. The only people who would know if any of these rumours are true are the people actually working on those projects, assuming those projects do indeed exist. The fact that many of the guild’s most secret facilities are located deep within the Konaic Empire doesn’t help their reputation.

The leadership is equally shadowy, with all leadership beyond the level of local Masters hidden from public view. Even the masters in charge of one facility frequently know little of nothing of the activities of the next one.

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