The Craft Guilds

All craftsmen, from stonemasons to cheesemakers belong to craft guilds. Unlike the Academies of Knowledge and Life, guilds in individual cities tend to be independent, with no national or international leadership. Most cities have just three or four large guilds which between them cover every conceivable trade. The most common division is Victuallers, who cover everything connected with food or drink, Construction, which covers all large scale building work, both buildings and vehicles, and Making, which is everything else from furniture to tools. The exact lines of demarcation vary from city to city; in one place a potter might come under the Guild of Makers (because you can’t eat a pot), while somewhere else he might be in the Guild of Victuallers (because the purpose of pots is to store food). Weaponsmiths are usually part of the Guild of Making, but in some big cities with large militaries they’re a separate guild in their own right. In the seaport of Ravenah there’s a separate Guild of Shipwrights, who would normally be part of the Guild of Construction.

Guilds have Administration Divisions, which tend to much smaller than their equivalent in the Academy of Knowledge, since craftsmen do the all buying and selling themselves. They also have Security divisions, which who are responsible for protecting the lives and property of guild members.

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