Advanced Psionic Powers

Advanced psionic powers must be bought as stunts. Many of these require more than one psionic skill; in these cases you need to roll against both skills, and take whichever is the lowest result.

The following are examples

Psionic Resistance

You’re resistant to psionics targetted directly against you. In any contest where where psionics is used against you, you gain a bonus. You don’t need any psionic skills of your own to use this stunt. The bonus is +1 against all psionics, or +2 if it only applies in specific circumstances (e.g. against a subset of psionic skills, or when you’re using a specific skill to resist)

Direct Attack

You can use any one psionic skill to perform a direct mental attack against a living opponent with the intent of causing injury or death. Give this stunt an appropriate name to reflect the skill and the means.

Indirect Attack

You can use any one psionic skill to perform indirect physical attack, by using the psionic skill to affect an inanimate object and using that to make the attack. Most obviously useful for Telekinesis, which will enable you to fire psionic bullets or hurl opponents around (it’s the collision with the scenery that does the damage).

Energy Bolt

Combines Telekinesis with Matter Rearrangement, it allows the caster to attack with a bolt of raw energy, either against a single target, or an area. This is a missile attack, which the target may attempt to dodge.


This very rare and perilous ability combines Mind Control with Body Control, and allows one to swap one’s mind with that of the target. Once you switch, the change is permanent; you will have to Mindswitch again to get back into your ‘original’ body.


Combining Mind-Reading and Mind-Control, this gives ability to edit memories, either to delete memories, or add false ones. This is a slow and time-consuming process and cannot be used in the middle of a combat.


Combines LightSculpt and Body Control, and lets a psi change their physical appearance, either to resemble another person, or even change into an animal. You retain your own physical abilities and don’t gain any natural abilities of whatever you’ve turned into. If you turn yourself into a bird, you’ll still need Telekinesis in order to fly. You can’t change into a creature substantially larger or smaller than yourself, and mass remains unchanged. There is some debate amongst wizards as to whether you really do physically change, or whether it’s a sophisticated illusion.


Combines Telekinesis and Far-Sensing. Creates a physical bubble, which can defend against any physical attack.


Combining Mindspeech and Mind-Control, this gives the ability to take over the senses of a target, and make them see or hear things that aren’t really there.

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