Psionic Skills

The following psionic skills are available. Certain more potent psionic powers are stunts based off one or more of these core skills.

Body Control

This allows you to control the metabolism either on yourself or on others. You can slow your own breathing or heart-rate, or ignore the effect of wounds. The most powerful use is to accellerate the effects of natural healing of injuries or disease, or to stabilise someone critically injured to prevent them dying. Humans and kandar are similar enough physiologically to make no difference, but you’ll be at a penalty trying to use this skill on other races, or on animals.


Allows you to read another’s mind. In a single exchange you can’t do more than read strong surface thoughts or emotions, which can act as an assessment to reveal an aspect you can then free-tag. You’ll need to take out your opponent in mind-to-mind combat before you can start rifleing through their memories.


This allows a psi to extend any of their normal senses around them to gather information. It can be used to see what’s behind a door, eavesdrop on a conversation that’s out of normal earshot, determine what something tastes like without physically touching it, locate a specific individual a significant distance away, or detect the active use of a psionic power. The better the result, the longer the distance and greater the detail.


This allows a psi to, within limits, foretell the future. In the Kalyr universe, the future hasn’t actually happened yet, so it’s not possible to violate causality. A successful roll allows you to place an aspect on “the future” or “the world” which remains in place until the prediction is either fulfilled or prevented. You can free-tag the aspect once, anyone can subsequently tag it, including the opposition!


This allows a psi to gain insight into the past. It will tell something of the history of an item or location, particularly violent or traumatic events associated with strong emotions. The better the roll, the more information that can be gained, both in terms of detail and distance into the past.


You can control the mind of another. In a single exchange you can plant a suggestion, creating a temporary aspect you can subsequently free-tag. You need to take your opponent out in mind-to-mind combat before you can force them to do anything against their will.


You can send thoughts, either words or images. If you’re targetting a willing recipient, the difficulty depends on distance. You can use against an unwilling target as a manoevre placing aspects like “distracted”.


You can bends and twists light energy to create illusions. The illusions have no physical substance, but aren’t just in the mind of the target, but can be seen by anyone in range.

Matter Rearrangement

You have the ability change one substance into another. It can be used to turn lead into gold, the soles of someone’s shoes into glue, or make a solid object crumble into dust. A very high result is needed to make a permanent molecular or atomic change, and all but the most subtle things take too much time and concentration to be able to use in the middle of a fight. In most cases the substance will revert to it’s original chemical nature after a few minutes, although damage to an item is still permanent. You can’t use this on living things.


You have the power to move things and even throw them around using the power of the mind at a distance. The amount of matter you can lift is equivalent to that which you would be able lift using an equivalent skill level in Strength, except that you don’t need any physical contact with the object. It does require you to see whatever you’re trying to lift, either line-of-sight, or though use of the Far-Sensing ability. You can’t use this for any direct or indirect attack on a living thing with intent to cause death or injury without an additional stunt.

Temperature Control

This is the power to heat things up, or make things colder. It can be used to make items so cold they shatter, or cause things to melt or burst into flame. You can’t use this for any direct or indirect attack on a living thing with intent to cause death or injury without an additional stunt.

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