Other Tools and Gadgets

Other Tools and Gadgets


Lightsticks are about 18″ long, made of a translucent resin-like material. They emit a greenish glow strong enough to read by or illuminate a dark passageway with enough light to be able to see where you’re going. The light lasts for up to twelve hours, after which the lightstick can be recharged by exposing to strong sunlight for an equivalent period. When not in use they can be kept in a cylindrical container with mirrored inner surfaces, which keeps them charged with their own light. Although only the Academy of Knowledge knows the secret of making them, they make them in large numbers, sell them to just about anyone. Therefore they’re quite commonplace.

Requires Mediocre rank in the Academy of Knowledge, or Fair in any other group


Word-locks are locks that work using a password rather than a key. The user must speak the password slowly and clearly in order release the lock. Another verbal command will allow the user to change the password. They can be fitted to doors or chests. Some vehicles are protected by similar devices. They vary in sensitivity, some will release the lock for anyone that knows the password, others are tuned to a specific individual’s voice and refuse to open for anyone else.

Requires Good rank in the Academy of Knowledge, or Great in any other group

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