Psionic Tech

Mind Helm

A Mind Shield is a fine wire mesh that partially blocks any attempt by a psi to read or influence the wearer’s mind. It must cover the back and sides of the head to be fully effective, so is normally built into some form of headgear. Such mind helms, as they’re called, subtract from any psionic ability targetted against the wearer that affects the mind. The typical penalty is from 1 to 3, depending on both the quality and the proportion of the head that’s covered. They can be built into armour, giving a helm that protects both against psionic and physical combat. The drawback is that any attempts by the wearer to use any psionic ability suffers the same penalty.

Requires Fair to Great rank, depending on effectiveness. Rank may be to any group.

Miniature Mind Shield

Rarer than a mind helm, a minature shield can be built into a small item of jewellery such as an earring or necklace. It works by radiating a field that interferes with psionics. It will work against psionic attacks that affect the body as well as the mind, but has a very limited range; typically no more that a couple of feet. This means that it needs to be close to the head to have protect the wearer from mind-affecting psionics. They have a built-in power source that will last about a week before running down, although it’s possible to recharge them. Again, the psionic penalty is from 1 to 3, although more powerful ones are rumoured to exist.

Requires Good to Superb rank, depending on effectiveness. Rank may be to any group.

Null Field Generators

These are large devices that block psionic powers over a very large area; the smallest ones cover a room-sized area, while the biggest ones can protect a substantial building. They consume a large amount of power, requiring a source at least. Psionic penalty can be anything up to 10, which can render the most powerful psionics useless.

Requires Great rank in the Academy of Knowledge, or Superb rank in any other guild, legion or clan.

Mind Amplifier

This is a dangerous device that enhances psionic power, but at considerable risk. It resembles a helm connected by bulky cables to a power source. Depending on the settings it can either increase the psi’s ability level, or add to the effect of successful roll. The drawback is that it increases the amount of backlash by the same amount. By turning one up to full power, a psi can perform extraordinary feats, but at the risk of serious brain burn or even death if things go wrong.

Requires Great rank in the Academy of the Mind

Psionic Drugs

The Academy of the Mind have developed a variety of substances that enhance psionic abilities. Most of them are a made from a mixture of naturally occurring herbs and some exotic plants developed by the Academy of Life.

  • Ulthir: Lasts for about half an hour, and adds +1 to all psionic abilities. The downside is debilitating fatigue equivalent to a mild consequence when it wears off. Taking multiple doses enhances the effect but is more dangerous; two doses will add +2, but the fatigue is worse, a moderate consequence. Three doses will give +3 at the cost of making you pass out and sleep for at least 18 hours. Four doses will put you into a life-threatening coma, and any more will prove automatically fatal. So don’t do it.

  • Vash: This has the effect of increasing psionic strength gift, lasting for about an hour. The downside is that it’s severely addictive.

Either require Fair rank in the Academy of the Mind or the Academy of Life, or Good rank in a crime syndicate.

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