Power Waggons

Over the centuries, The Academy of Knowledge have built a number of powered waggons. Less than one hundred such vehicles exist in the world. A number of different types have been built, but by far the most common is an eight wheeled design, which is supplied simply as a chassis on which any superstructure can be built. They are powered by electric motors, themselves powered by a mysterious sealed device called a “source”. All have bodywork built by local craftsmen, and vary considerably. Since they cost typically ten thousand Glerin or more to buy, they are all owned by city rulers, rich merchants, or the military. They are normally only used in areas where good roads exist.

Most power waggons have a maximum speed of about 15mph and can carry up to 10 tons of cargo. A typical waggon has a range of about 120 miles per day, but can travel up to twice that distance a single day by completely draining the source. The waggon will then need a day to recover. Caravans containing a mix of power waggons and animal-drawn vehicles can only move at the speed of the slowest vehicle. While a single power waggon may be able to travel from Calbeyn to Filgeth in three or four days, one waggon on it’s own will be too tempting a target for vordral and other bandits. There are too few waggons around for entire caravans of them to be formed.

Power waggons are fairly reliable if well maintained by the The Academy of Knowledge. The The Academy of Knowledge will service the vehicles every two years or so. If they are not serviced, the chance of breakdown begins to increases month by month.

The most common type of power waggon consists of enclosed cabin at the front seating several people, with an cargo area behind. There is often a raised lookout platform on top of the driving cabin. The cargo area is usually covered with a removable canvas roof. Such vehicles are owned the merchant’s guild, or occasionally by an individual very rich merchant. Others are owned by the military, and are used to transport soldiers and military equipment. Somewhat less common are passenger carrying waggons. In these vehicles, the interior is divided into a number of compartments of varying size, with a cargo area on the roof. Some have a single large passenger saloon, and others have two passenger levels. They typically carry fare paying passengers between major cities such as Calbeyn and Filgeth, or Calbeyn and Zenatan.

A few vehicles carry energy weapons, powered by the source. Each shot with these weapons uses a charge equivalent to about half a hour’s worth of travel. Others have power sockets to which portable weapons and other items can be charged. Others have been fitted with solar panels on the roof which absorb power from the sun, increasing their range.

It requires a Good Rank to the Academy of Knowledge, the Merchant’s Guild or a Legion to be able to commandeer such a vehicle for a specific mission. A Great Rank in the Merchant’s Guild (or Nobility for a kandar noble) would be needed to for a character to own or obtain one for his own use.

Ships and Boats

Watercraft in Kalyr very from small rowing boats and improvised rafts to large seagoing sailing vessels. Many ships and riverboats use the same power sources as power-waggons, usually driving screw propellors. Seagoing ships tend to supplement the power source with sails, and many vessels mount energy weapons as a defence against pirates. A high proportion of larger rivercraft are hauled by the large squid-like glethnu.

Required Rank depend on the size of the vessel. Fair is enough to own a small rowing boat or raft, Good for a small river boat, Great for a powered riverboats or seagoing ship, Superb for an fully-armed armed warship. The connection needs to be to a group likely to have such a craft.


The Academy of Knowledge is known to have at least one small submarine in working order, a small two man craft. There is only the sketchiest information known about it’s capabilities. There are rumours of other much larger craft, the existence of which the academy will neither conform or deny.

Requires Great rank in The Academy of Knowledge to be able to commandeer one, although they’re more likely to be encountered as a plot device than something appearing on a character sheet.


The Academy of Knowledge maintains about a dozen hydrogen-filled airships. They vary in size, and no two are identical. They’re used exclusively for transporting men and materials between guild facilities, and are seldom if ever hired out to anyone else. Unlike the power-waggons or ships, there are no airships in private or military hands, although the guild have been known to take non-guild passengers on board, or transport valuable goods on behalf of merchants. They will charge extremely high fees for this. Many airships mount energy weapons.

Requires Superb rank in the Academy of Knowledge to be able to commandeer one.


The Academy of Knowledge no longer has the ability to manufacture heavier-than-air craft, but one or two such craft from ancient times still survive in working order, along with several more no longer capable of flying. They work though long-forgotten principles, but the Academy have somehow managed to keep the survivors flying by cannibalising those that no longer function. At least one reportedly has it’s own mind, and is theoretically capable of flying off on it’s own. The surviving craft are wedge-shaped vehicles, require a single pilot, and can carry up to a dozen passengers. Capable of vast speeds, they’re able to travel from Vohrleyn to Filgeth in a day, but are only used on very important business. The guild has not revealed whether or not they carry any weaponry.

There are unconfirmed sightings of other similar craft operated by some other agency. Nobody, least of all the rank and file of the Academy of Knowledge have any idea who or what this agency might be.

It requires Legendary rank in the Academy of Knowledge to be able to commandeer one of the guild’s aircraft.

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