The World of Kalyr

Imagine a world unlike our own.  Where humans are but slaves to a decadent and cruel alien race called the kandar. Where wizards battle with exotic mental powers.  Where the gods are very real, who can and will smite unbelievers with lightning bolts from the heavens. Where warriors fight with swords alongside arcane technologies whose origins are long-forgotten. Where stranger alien races lurk in the shadows, and layers of conspiracy and mystery lie behind everything.

Now the long reign of the kandar is threatened. Their civilisation has stood for a thousand years, protected by the watchful eyes of a race of powerful beings called The Guardians. But their human slaves, kidnapped across the dimensions generations ago, now tire of servitude. Beyond the lands of kandar rule, barbarian kingdoms descended from runaway slaves grow in strength. Bandits threaten the commerce between far-flung cities. Even in the decadent kandar cities, humans plot rebellion against their overlords.

Some kandar recognise the dangers. They plan to fight back, crush the rebellions before they can start.  Others go further: “Kill them all!”, they cry. But there are also those who dream of a time when the two races can live as equals. Most kandar ignore such things, and scheme and plot for honour and status within their clans or guilds.

And the kandar wizards are worried. Some of their number claim to have detected something strange happening with the fabric of space and time. Have the mirrors reopened? Will the horrors of ancient times return again?

What of the guilds?  The Academies of Knowledge and Life guard their secrets jealously. Are they all that they seem? What are  their real agendas, and what dark secrets do they hide in their workshops and laboratories?

And what of the Guardians? Who are they? Are their priests telling the world the truth?  Are the Guardians telling their priests the truth?

And the zughru? What wonders might be found in their warrens beneath the mountains? Why to they fight a war with the kandar over a region of barren mountains?

Enter the world of Kalyr.  Will you be a Kandar noble, defending the ancient civilisation?  Or a human rebel seeking to overthrow it? A wizard studying mystical powers of the mind?  A priest of a Guardian? A guildsman studying arcane technology?  Or the secrets of life itself?

A world of wonder awaits!

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