The Rolling Stones – Corporate Rock at it’s Worst?

So The Rolling Stones are apparently charging £406 (including fees) for floor-level seats at their recently-announced O2 Arena shows. The Felix Baumgartner level seats are admittedly a bit cheaper, but this is still completely taking the piss.

Surely no band is worth that sort of money.

They appear to be targeting the corporate hospitality market now, pricing ordinary music fans out of the market. Yes, I’m sure some people with far more money than sense will be willing to fork out stupid amounts to try and relive their youth, without thinking of how far that £406 will go supporting the grass roots music scene instead. But I bet the audience will be full of celebrities and people there purely to flaunt their wealth and be seen.

Is this what rock and roll is supposed to be about?

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5 Responses to The Rolling Stones – Corporate Rock at it’s Worst?

  1. Serdar says:

    I’m reminded of the essay Lester Bangs wrote after Elvis died, in which he was amazed at the way the man, even late in his career, long after the bloom was gone from his rose, could still command obscenely high ticket prices for a performance that barely counted as one. Seeing someone perform music was not why people went to such shows. Likewise, people don’t go to a Stones concert to hear music; they go there to experience the Stones in something vaguely resembling a real-life context, which I guess for some people is worth shelling out such shillings and shekels.

    So, no, this isn’t what rock’n'roll is about, if only because this isn’t even rock’n'roll.

  2. Tim Hall says:

    What’s the odds that the people who will shell out 400 quid to see The Stones are the same people that complain that there’s no good music about nowadays?

  3. Tim Hall says:

    What’s amusing me is that ads Google Adsense is showing as soon as I mention The Rolling Stones – it’s all pensions, wills and over-50s life insurance.

  4. Lisa says:

    Have to agree with Serdar. Supply and demand. You say no band is worth this? But how much could the Beatles charge? I paid slightly less than this for the 2 waters tix. Worth every single penny. Stones are legends and there won’t be too many more gigs. It’s a part of history they’re selling.