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I’m software professional, music fan, amateur rock critic, photographer, rail enthusiast, gamer with pretensions towards game design, and all-round opinionated blogger.

I’ve called this site “Where Worlds Collide” because it’s always been about a rather eclectic mix of subjects. I’ve structured the site in the form of half a dozen or so sub-blogs, each one rather more focussed on a single subject. You can find them on the menu above.

I’ve been been maintaining this site for more than a decade now as my personal soapbox. The emphasis here is more on my hobbies and interests than my professional life, although I do have a profile on LinkedIn covering my skills, experience and IT-related alphabet soup. Everything here is who I am and what I do.

I post as “kalyr” on many forums throughout the Interweb – you can find me on Twitter, Last.fm and The Guardian Music Blog for starters.

I can also be contacted at tim(at)kalyr(dot)com if you need to contact me my email.

5 Responses to About me / Contact

  1. Alfredo says:

    Hello. I’m an Italian model railroader and I’ve just begun to build a N-scale layout with Kato Unitrack Rails. Did You post other photos of your layout recently? Have You got something to show us about? Thank U

  2. Tim Hall says:

    Various things including a house move have put model railways on hold for the past 18 months. But there will be some developments shortly!

  3. Thor says:

    Just posted on the HMRS site where there has been discussion about log-ins, user names, passwords, and the perceived vagaries of them newfangled computer thingies.
    I thought you might like a touch of whimsy with your afternoon tea and biscuit.

    John Arkell wrote:
    I had a programmer once who would always walk round a problem computer
    widdershins first. She swore appeasing the computer gods helped.

  4. Graham Meigh says:

    So when are you coming back to Facebook Tim?

  5. Tim Hall says:

    Probably not. I think Facebook’s “Everyone you know gathered in one place” doesn’t work for me.