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I’m a lifelong rock fan and part-time freelance music writer with reviews published in Trebuchet Magazine and The Guardian, amongst others. This is my personal site, containing a mixture of music news, reviews and opinion pieces.

The emphasis is on progressive rock, metal and classic rock although I will cover any music I actually like. I’ve attended a fair few jazz gigs this year, and one of my top records of 2013 was Goldfrapp.

I’m always looking for new music to write about. If you want me to help spread the word about your band, contact me at tim(at)kalyr(dot)com. I particularly welcome embeddable media such as YouTube videos, or Soundcloud or Bandcamp widgits that all me to put your music on this site.

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  1. Graham Meigh says:

    All seems quiet on the Mantra Vega front. Have you heard any news?