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Despite not having his collar felt by Operation Yewtree, 70s Radio One DJ Mike Read seems determined to make a criminal record. You can split hairs over whether or not his awful cod-Jamaican accent is racist (I think it is), but the record itself is unspeakably horrible. It carefully combines the worst lyrical aspects of Pendragon’s “Green and Pleasant Land” with the musical grace of Joe Dolce’s “Shaddup You Face”. Ugh.

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Hey Twitter. Instead of shoving random celebrity nonsense we didn’t ask to see into our feeds, how about building a reputation system instead? We could use that to filter out junk from drive-by trolls from our notifications and searches, which are the only parts of Twitter we’re not able to actively curate ourselves.

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Today’s unsurprising discovery: finding new music through recommendations from trusted friends is a far more reliable method of filtering out the forgettable mediocrity than promos from record companies chosen on the basis of their overheated PR blurb.

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Gamergate’s complaints about agenda-driven reviews make me wonder how on earth gamers would have reacted had the video game press been anything like as bad as the “mainstream” British music press has been for decades. Have there been reviews remotely equivalent to Dave McCulloch’s dismissive one-star review of Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” in Sounds? Are there any gaming journalists as appallingly bad as Julie Burchill?

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If you’ve been experiencing problems accessing the site over the last day or two, the hosting company has been hit by a DDOS attack, and had to implement measures that occasionally interfere with legitimate traffic.

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I’m waiting for the BBC to commision an all-star cover of Meshuggah’s “Bleed” being murdered by 1001 fashionable but mediocre guitarists.

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Any list of “Greatest guitarists” that excludes both Tony Iommi and Nile Rogers deserves only ridicule. This counts double if either Eric Clapton or any three-chord punk idiot is very high on the list.

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I am now seeing posts on LinkedIn saying “What does mean for brands?” Can we point these people towards the B-Ark, please?

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A question for those of you who are here primarily for the music posts. Do you prefer the magazine-style front page, or the old-school blog page? And why?

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Who remembers the day when computer viruses were spread in the boot sector of floppy disks?

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