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They’re a completely different subgenre of rock, but you could make a good argument that Karnataka’s three most recent studio albums, “Delicate Flame of Desire”, “The Gathering Light” and “Secrets of Angels” are the same sort of trinity of albums as “Rainbow Rising”, “Heaven and Hell” and “Holy Diver” in more than one way. Discuss.

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You know you’re a prog fan if… You’ve been to Wetherspoons in Bilston many more times than you’ve been to your local.

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Happy St.Pancras Day, celebrated with either a Eurostar, a Peak or a Midland compound, depending on your preferred era.

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How many of those who pay eye-watering prices to see stadium tours by long past their prime heritage rock acts also think there’s been no good music since 1974?

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If we sacrifice the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport in a Wicker Man on May Day, will the musicians and actors stop dying?

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Award shortlists or end-of-year polls are valuable if they end up highlighting something interesting or quirky that might otherwise have slipped beneath the radar. If all they do is validate a predictable consensus, what exactly is the point?

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How come they trust us to decide on Britain’s future in the EU when they can’t even trust us to name a boat?

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If everyone adopts the tactic of ostracising The Bad People rather than the far more difficult task of discrediting bad ideas, it’s not surprising that the culture wars become so toxic. It will inevitably devolved into witch-hunts and guilt-by-association. Getting somebody from your outgroup banned from a confererence or fired from their job may seem like a satisfying short-term victory, but does that really contribute towards making the world a better place?

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Perhaps Donald Trump is an AI chatbot that’s gone rogue, and they can’t work out how to turn him off?

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Batman vs. Superman is being panned by the critics, who make it sound like it’s the tipping point where big-budget superhero films fall out of critical and public favour. What’s its rock equivalent? Yes’ “Tales from Topographic Oceans” (Self-indulgent creative overreach), ELP’s “Love Beach” (Dying gasp of a spent creative force) or Metallica and Lou Reed’s “Lulu” (Ill-conceived collaboration done for largely cynical reasons)?  Over to you…

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