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One line thoughts of the day.

For those who can’t get their hear around the maths behind E Pluribus Hugo, think of it like this. You have one vote, and it goes to whichever of your nominations turns out to be the most popular with other voters.

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Inside Amazon: Wrestling Big Ideas in a Bruising Workplace” is a horrifying account of the brutal way Amazon is run. One day we’ll regard management practices like this the way we now regard the slave trade or Aztec human sacrifices.

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This error 404 page from The Financial Times is wonderful, stating why the page cannot be displayed in terms of differing economic theories. You don’t have be an economist to appreciate it.

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Jeremy Corbyn announces that he will follow up reopening Welsh coal mines with reopening the North British works in Glasgow to build a fleet of D600 class locomotives for the newly-nationalised railways.

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Angus Young, Mel Gibson, Olivia Newton-John, Angry Anderson, Dame Edna Everage, Bouncer, Skippy. You guys took a hell of beating. A hell of a beating.

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I am beginning to think that a lot of high profile “activists” working in the media or in academia are less interested in solving social problems as they are in sustaining careers based around complaining about those problems. Which makes them the cultural equivalents of management consultants.

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It’s a shame almost all news sites need “promoted links” to sleazy cynical bottom-feeding clickbait garbage to remain viable. They lower the tone of every site, and actually clicking on one is like stepping in a dog turd in the street and treading it into the carpet. The economics of the web is broken.

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Gawker are the Requires Hate of media. As part of the bottom-feeding gutter press of the internet, they’re abusive sociopaths whose progressive politics they wear on their sleeves is a sham.  Just like Requires Hate, they appropriate social justice rhetoric for entirely cynical self-serving ends.

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A thought. The Libertines are to indie what ELP are to prog. Loved by their fans but epitomising everything non-fans loathe about their entire genre.

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f you use a terrible tragedy to try and smear a totally unrelated group in service of your pet political agenda, you’re on the side of Evil.

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