Is my writing Prog

Editing draft blog posts or reviews prior to publication seems to be a matter of breaking up over-long and convoluted run-on sentences. Does this mean my writing is too prog?

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4 Responses to Is my writing Prog

  1. I’d say your writing is more like a folk-acid ska mixture, with some overtones of neoclassical.

  2. Tim Hall says:

    Is there such a thing? There is probably a musical equvalent to Rule 43, so there probably is.

  3. Thor says:

    What’s wrong with being prog? Were your epistles to become wandering and repetitive addresses to the the gathered multitude of adoring disciples of your utterances attentively waiting with communal bated breath, one might possibly request that you reconsider some of your epistolary art such that the audience does not become overwhelmed and be unable to appreciate the sheer unadulterated glory of your thinking. Else keep it short.

  4. Tim Hall says:

    If you write like that, then Twitter is not for you….