Epic Bureaucracy Fail from Canada.

In Canada, Government tweets are sanitized through ‘super-rigid process’ This is just head-explodingly ridiculous.

Newly disclosed documents from Industry Canada show how teams of bureaucrats often work for weeks to sanitize each lowly tweet, in a medium that’s supposed to thrive on spontaneity and informality.

Most 140-character tweets issued by the department are planned weeks in advance; edited by dozens of public servants; reviewed and revised by the minister’s staff; and sanitized through a 12-step protocol, the documents indicate.

Insiders and experts say the result is about as far from the spirit of Twitter as you can get — and from a department that’s supposed to be on the leading edge of new communications technologies.

Some things are the very epitome of unwieldy, top-heavy bureaucracy. It reads like something straight out of Parkinson’s Law, except C. Northcote Parkinson would have rejected is as too unbelievably surreal.

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3 Responses to Epic Bureaucracy Fail from Canada.

  1. It’s not like anyone will bother to read them anyway.

  2. Tim Hall says:

    “And amongst the passengers of the third spaceship were the Tweet Sanitisers. Years later the entire civilisation was destroyed in a nuclear war started by an ill-considered Tweet”.

  3. John P. says:

    Maybe it is a government job creation scheme?