Geek Social Fallacies

Whenever there is drama online, it’s always worth paying attention to the Geek Social Fallacies.  In this case, #4: Friendship Is Transitive

Every carrier of GSF4 has, at some point, said:

“Wouldn’t it be great to get all my groups of friends into one place for one big happy party?!”

If you groaned at that last paragraph, you may be a recovering GSF4 carrier.

GSF4 is the belief that any two of your friends ought to be friends with each other, and if they’re not, something is Very Wrong.

Hands up who else groaned at that, and immediately thought “That’s exactly what’s wrong with Facebook”?

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3 Responses to Geek Social Fallacies

  1. Wednesday says:

    Oh man, I’m always a little wary about friends meeting, as I know that a lot just wouldn’t get on with each other… either because they are too different (and fulfil different elements of my social requirement) or because they are too similar…

    If events conspire to make friends meet (Virtually, or IRL) without being forced, then that’s all for the good – it means shared interest / hobby / likes… but I’d hate to try and make all my friends get on with each other.

    So you’re right – that is a massive downside to FB – hadn’t realised that until it was spelt out.

  2. Tim Hall says:

    I get the feeling that Mark Zuckerberg is a major GSF4 carrier.

  3. The friends of my friends are (not necessarily) my friends. This is not a bad thing.