The perils of relying too much on Facebook

A post on Hypebot about the perils of fake Facebook likes highlights some of the problems with Facebook as a means of bands promoting their music.

This situation reinforces the fact that musicians need to build their own home on the web and need to build their own mailing lists.

It’s also a reminder to me that, despite the fact that such points are raised in somewhat of a repetitive manner on sites like Hypebot, a lot of musicians just aren’t tuning in and just don’t get it. On a positive note, that means musicians that are in the know have an extra leg up in the game.

Ultimately a shift away from Facebook needs to occur. I see more and more people both in and outside of music discussing alternatives.

As Zuckerville has grown in popularity, more and more bands began using it as their main means of interacting with fans. With a larger potential audience there was some logic in the way a few bands I know of closed down their increasingly inactive forums in favour of interacting on Facebook. But I’ve seen too many bands neglecting their web presence altogether, to the extent that some bands didn’t bother with a web site at all, having Facebook as their sole net presence. I think this is dangerously short sighted.

The moment Facebook introduced pay-to-promote for posts ought to have been a wake-up call. Not only was it a classic bait-and-switch move, but it was the sort of thing a monopolist does once predatory pricing has put the competition out of business. Investing too heavily in one platform you don’t have any control over is a big risk.

It’s true that bands still can’t afford to ignore Facebook as long as it continues to remain as popular as it is. But there’s no excuse for any band not to have it’s own website and an old-fashioned mailing list. Yes, it might seem a bit old-school, but that way neither Mark Zuckerberg nor anyone else can then hold them to ransom by holding their only connection with fans hostage.

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4 Responses to The perils of relying too much on Facebook

  1. PaulE says:

    I haven’t seen any band’s facebook page for at least a week as they are all being redirected to a login page. This has happened before, so it may go back to normal. But,it does underline the closed nature of facebook.

  2. Tim Hall says:

    If a post is set to public, you shouldn’t need to be logged-in to Facebook to see it. But we all know how buggy Facebook is.

  3. Michael Orton says:

    The almost eighteen year old son of a colleague at work now sees Facebook as old hat. Sorry, but I didn’t catch the name of the new place to be, but it is linked to his mobile phone.

  4. Tim Hall says:

    I’ve seen articles claiming Facebook has peaked, and more and more people are leaving.