You Won’t Believe…

Every time I see an Upworthy-style link-bait headline beginning with “You won’t believe…”. I have to fight the urge to want to kick a “Viral Content Editor” in the bollocks. This probably makes me a Bad Person….

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6 Responses to You Won’t Believe…

  1. Serdar says:

    “Use this one weird trick to get people to read your completely worthless articles!”

  2. Wednesday says:

    It is a horrible tactic… instantly makes it look like a virus-riddled spam link, or The Sun-style sensationalism, neither of which makes me want to click it!

    Worse, I think it makes me an even badder (more bad? baddier?) person, because a tiny part of me judges friends who DO click links to such articles…

  3. Tim Hall says:

    You know, I’m missing a lot of this rubbish through not being on Facebook :)

  4. Wednesday says:

    “Missing” is probably not the most appropriate adjective in that sentence…

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