Is This a Poe?

Poe’s Law famously states that it’s impossible to create a parody of a fundamentalist or extremist site that won’t be mistaken for the real thing.

Does the same thing apply to management speak? I think it does…

Welcome to OVERBLUE, bridging the gap between strategy and execution.

OVERBLUE™ is an Operational Excellence Management System ( or OEMS ) that implements the principles of SPHIDA’s PROACTIVE THINKING to introduce a new paradigm in how people align business processes with corporate goals and how they get work done.

Reading text like this I am really unsure as to whether this site is for real, or whether the whole thing is a very clever parody.

A must have tool for any information worker and collaborative team. It ensures a flawless execution and empowers an organization to achieve the desired performance levels.

It does read as if someone fed the contents of a few Management Buzzword Bingo cards into a Markov Chain Generator, doesn’t it?

I’ve read most of the site, and I find myself with absolutely no idea as to precisely what this seemingly-magical software actually does.

Today’s process improvement methodologies and BPM systems are limited because they are designed to deal with simple, easy to automate processes.  But simple processes account for only about 10% of the any organization’s process portfolio.

… the OVERBLUE™ software can be seamlessly used to design, align and execute activities and business processes across 100% of the process spectrum.

Since the link came from the writer Charle Stross, the whole thing does sound like something from his Laundry novels, akin to CASE NIGHTMARE GREEN. Is the CEO of this company called Ellis Billington?

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