Rent-Seekers : Michael Bolton on ISO 29119

In Rising Against the Rent-Seekers, testing Blogger Michael Bolton is under no illusions as to the real agenda behind proponents of ISO 29119. This particular observation is very, very telling:

If you want to be on the international working group, it’s a commitment to six days of non-revenue work, somewhere in the world, twice a year. The ISO/IEC does not pay for travel expenses. Where have international working group meetings been held? According to the Web site, meetings seem to have been held in Seoul, South Korea (2008); Hyderabad, India (2009); Niigata, Japan (2010); Mumbai, India (2011); Seoul, South Korea (2012); Wellington New Zealand (2013). Ask yourself these questions:

  • How many independent testers or testing consultants from Europe or North America have that kind of travel budget?
  • What kinds of consultants might be more likely to obtain funding for this kind of travel?
  • Who benefits from the creation of a standard whose opacity demands a consultant to interpret or to certify?

It’s not exactly difficult to answer those three questions, is it?

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