Should you log every bug?

Are all bugs serious enough to log?

I found one during testing today that raised the question of the costs of raising, triaging, fixing and retesting a bug compared with the costs of just leaving it in the system.

It set off some interesting discussions on Twitter on the subject.

The bug in question was a drop-down list for an optional value in a create dialog in a relatively little-used part of the system. One of the values in the dropdown was not valid, and quite obviously not so, at least with the data in the test system. If you selected that bogus value and saved the record, the server-side code didn’t throw an error, but inserted null into the column.

Since neither the field nore the underlying column were mandatory, the bug didn’t result in any data corruption, and it did save the correct value to the database if you selected one of the legitimate, valid values.

From a user perspective, it’s more of an irritation than a major issue; it certainly doesn’t prevent you from using the feature in its intended way.

In the end I discussed it with the business analyst, and we agreed to log it in the bug tracking system, but assign a low severity.

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2 Responses to Should you log every bug?

  1. Ease the Bug reporting mechanism for such cases, rather then try to find other means to “mention” it to others which will also destruct them but will probably be lost later on.
    Minor Bugs can be reported with less “must’ fields, and pass a shorter review cycle
    (For instance – straight to PM who will take a decision, and once in a while query for clustering etc. which may have higher overall affects)
    If data need to be collected – create a tool to retrieve it in a single-click.
    Reduce the effort – not the feedback.

    @halperinko – Kobi Halperin

  2. John P. says:

    Now this is what you call a fail!

    Just in case the link doesn’t work, the BBC were testing a push alert for their news app that included the text: “Push sucks! Pull blows! Breaking News No nudity in latest episode of Game of Thrones! More breaking news I like testing”