Moments after I mentioned on Twitter that I was seeing very little spam in my inbox compared to a couple of years ago, my inbox started getting flooded with “Undeliverable mail” return messages because some *&$% spammer has been spoofing one of my addresses. Suffice to say that if you get spam from Russian ladies using the address, it’s not from me, and there’s nothing I can do to stop it.

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One Response to Spam!

  1. John P. says:

    I know the feeling. For years I had used an email address as the one I handed out to people who were going to send me stuff from their “carefully selected partners”. Then all of sudden I found I could only receive mail, not send it. Turns out that, like you, someone had spoofed it so I was getting deluged with undeliverable mail. So the mail host had shut down outgoing mail to prevent “me” from sending any more. I just set up filters for the download to dump the garbage and carried on just receiving mail until finally the host decided the server was being retired. Maybe there is still loads of undeliverable mail shuttling back and forth between servers trying to find a home.