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I haven’t blogged that much about testing of late, so here are a couple of recent links from the testing blogosphere that are well worth a read.

First, in response to some rather heated discussion on Twitter, a post from last year by Adam Knight in defence of the principle of hiring for cultural fit. It’s a concept that comes in for a lot of justified criticism, going from rejection of well-qualified candidates for superficial reasons that have nothing to do with their ability to do the job, to the much more serious concern over bias in terms of gender and ethnicity. Adam Knight recognises those concerns, but stresses that cultural fit should be about soft skills and style of working, not stereotypes.

Second, the always excellent  Mike Talks writes about blogging itself and asks “Are you your own Mary Sue?“. He users the example from the world of music; the famous Köln concert by jazz pianist Keith Jarrett, and imagines the story of the circumstances leading up to the performance from the different perspectives of Jarrett humself, and concert organiser Vera Brandes.

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