Reviews, news and assorted thoughts about music, with a strong emphasis on the British grass-roots progressive rock scene. Which, if you still believe the old clich├ęs, is all about twin-necked guitars, capes and Mellotrons, and twelve minute songs about Hobbits. Only the latter is more applicable to power-metal these days. All opinions expressed here are my own.

So a bunch of gamers are celebrating the release of the 5th Edition of Dungeons & Dragons by burning their 4th Edition books. It seems the D&D Edition Warriors now make Yes lineup purists look like rank amateurs. Accusing me of being the president of their record company for writing a three-star review of their new album just can’t compete.


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A Dramatic Turn Of Events

Dream Theater T-shirts in the news

It has not been a good day for Dream Theater t-shirts. Continue reading

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Olivia Sparnenn at Crewe

Mostly Autumn return to Crewe

Some photos of Mostly Autumn at The Box at Crewe. Continue reading

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Resonance Festival

Stage times for the Resonance Rock Festival

Stage times for the Resonance Festival, featuring Mostly Autumn, Nosound, Also Eden, Luna Rossa, The Fierce and the Dead, The Enid, Bigelf and many more. Continue reading

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Angela Gordon at Bilston

Angela Gordon to guest with Mostly Autumn

Angela Gordon will be guesting with Mostly Autumn for this coming weekend’s shows in Tavistock and Bath Continue reading


Latest Music News

Journey of Broken Dreams

Chris Picton – Journey of Broken Dreams

Chris Picton, one-time bassist of Quecia, has a new album out. Continue reading

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Rachel Cohen at Leamington

The Reasoning postpone new album until 2015

The Reasoning announce that the release of their new album is put back to next year. Continue reading

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Winter in Eden – With Intent

Winter in Eden’s “With Intent”, the lead track from the forthcoming album “Court of Conscience” Continue reading

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When Empires Fall

When Empires Fall pre-order

News about the debut album from When Empires Fall, the new project from former Stolen Earth and Breathing Space bassust and songwriter Paul Teasdale. Continue reading

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Cloud Atlas – Searchlight

The song “Searchlight” from Cloud Atlas’ “Beyond the Vale” illustrated with photos from their launch gig in York last month.

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Latest Record Reviews

The Unravelling

Knifeworld – The Unravelling

Bonkers psychedelic rock with a brass section, and bassoons! Continue reading

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Cloud Atlas - Beyond The Vale

Cloud Atlas – Beyond the Vale

The effect is Janis Joplin fronting The Cult circa “Sonic Temple” with Steve Rothery on lead guitar. And that’s just the opening song. Continue reading

Dressed in Voices

Mostly Autumn – Dressed in Voices

Mostly Autumn have delivered what has to be one of the best albums of their 15 year career. Continue reading

Matt Stevens - Lucid

Matt Stevens – Lucid

One of the more interesting, innovative and genre-busting artists in the contemporary progressive scene raises his game to a new level. Continue reading

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John Wesley - Disconnect

John Wesley – Disconnect

If you like your guitars loud, dirty and in-your-face, this album from the Porcupine Tree and former Fish guitarist is four you. Continue reading

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Latest Concert Reviews


Cloud Atlas Album Launch

A few photos from Cloud Atlas’ album launch in Tokyo’s in York. Continue reading

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Christina at Leamington

Trinity Live

A review of the all-day charity show featuring Arena, Touchstone, The Reasoning, Magenta, Heather Findlay, Lost on Vegas, Matt Stevens and Alan Reed Continue reading

Ross Jennings Haken

Haken – The Garage

If you still think progressive rock is all about cod-Genesis 70s retreads, you should listen to Haken. Continue reading

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Yatim and Anne-Marie

Panic Room – Gloucester Guildhall

It’s great to see Panic Room back on top form again live. Continue reading

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Polar Bear2

Polar Bear, XOYO London

It’s jazz, Jim, but not as we know it. Continue reading

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