Reviews, news and assorted thoughts about music, with a strong emphasis on the British grass-roots progressive rock scene. Which, if you still believe the old clichés, is all about twin-necked guitars, capes and Mellotrons, and twelve minute songs about Hobbits. Only the latter is more applicable to power-metal these days. All opinions expressed here are my own.

X Factor is the musical equivalent of the burning of the library of Alexandria.

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Synaptik – The Incredible Machine

Lyric video from Norwich prog metallers SynaptiK for the song taken from their second studşo album “Justify & Reason”, Continue reading

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Doris Brendel show announces headline at The Borderline

She is promising a steampunk-themed show, with lasers. Which is what we’ve come to expect from Doris Brendel. Continue reading

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Blue Öyster Cult to tour the UK in the Summer

After the success of the sold-out show at The Forum last July, Blue Öyster Cult return to Britain with five dates this summer. Continue reading

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Tim Bowness Lost in the Ghost Light

Tim Bowness – Lost In The Ghost Light

Dreamy and elegaic, an excellent evocation of the spirit of late 70s progressive rock framed in a contemporary context. Continue reading

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Cyclocosmia Immured

Cyclocosmia – Immured

A record that combines doom-metal dynamics with ghostly female vocals, and sounds quite unlike anything else. Continue reading

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Music News

Steve Hackett The Night Siren

Steve Hackett – In The Skeleton Gallery

A taster from the album “The Night Siren”, released in March.

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Alan Reed Razorhoney

Alan Reed’s Honey On The Razor’s Edge Pre-Order

Alan Reed’s second solo album “Honey on the Razor’s Edge” is now available for pre-order from The Merch Desk Continue reading

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John Wetton

Farewell John Wetton

Another of the major figures of progressive rock has left us. Continue reading

Riverside 2017 Tour

Riverside return to playing live with Blue Horizon tour

Poland’s Riverside announce a 27-date spring tour with an as yet unamed guest guitarist. Continue reading

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The Day The World Breaks Down

The Day That The World Breaks Down

Ayreon premiere a 12-minute epic from their forthcoming science-fiction prog-opera, which features all eleven singers, including some big names. Continue reading

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Talking Points


A Depressing Quote

Are mainstream tastemakers and pundits more interested in celebrity culture than in music? Continue reading

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Filling the Hole

Prog Magazine’s sudden demise leaves a huge hole, and independent bloggers must do what they can to fill the gap. Continue reading

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Mushroom Cloud

When album of the year lists go bad

Is it time to delete this music blog because my taste in music is too irrelevant and reactionary? Continue reading

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Judas Priest – 10 of the best

The Guardian Music Blog has another one of mine in their Ten of the Best series, this time for The Black Country’s finest. Continue reading

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Can you sum up Prog in 50 albums?

Prog Magazine have a listicle that attempts to show the history of prog in 50 albums. Do you agree with their choices? Continue reading


Record Reviews

Firewind - Immortals

Firewind – Immortals

Greece’s Firewind sing about ancient Greece in the same way their Scandinavian comrades-in-arms sing about Vikings, and the result is superb. Continue reading

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Ufosonic Generator

Ufosonic Generator – The Evil Smoke Possession

Italy’s doom-metallers succeed very well at summoning something of the spirit of Black Sabbath from circa 1971. Continue reading

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2016 Album of the Year

Some of you had probably guessed what my Album of The Year would be. Continue reading


Best Albums of 2016 – Not only but also

The best of 2016′s EPs, live albums and reworkings of older material. Continue reading

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Best Albums of 2016 – Part Three

Into the top five now, as we count down from five to two. It’s a reminder of just how how much great music has been released this year that’s not on the mainstream radar. Continue reading

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Concert Reviews


Touchstone and The Heather Findlay Band at The Borderline

A new beginning for Touchstone with an excellent acoustic support from Heather Findlay Continue reading

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Coro94 at Christmas

Not quite your usual rock review, but it was a beautiful concert. Continue reading

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Lazuli at The Borderline

A mesmerising show from the French rockers who put the progressive into progressive rock. Continue reading

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Cairo and Luna Rossa

Cairo start their live career with a bang in London and Leicester, with a beautiful support from Luna Rossa Continue reading

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Mostly Autumn – Leamington Assembly

Like the Panic Room weekend earlier in the year was an event that amounted to far more than just another regular gig. Continue reading

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