Reviews, news and assorted thoughts about music, with a strong emphasis on the British grass-roots progressive rock scene. Which, if you still believe the old clichés, is all about twin-necked guitars, capes and Mellotrons, and twelve minute songs about Hobbits. Only the latter is more applicable to power-metal these days. All opinions expressed here are my own.

I wonder what would happen if everyone started trusting their ears rather than restricting their music listening to whatever has been validated by industry-appointed tastemakers? How many sections of the music biz would just collapse?


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RIP Demis Roussos

Let’s remember him for Aphrodite’s Child rather than Abigail’s Party. Continue reading

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Apex Predator - Easy Meat

Napalm Death: Apex Predator – Easy Meat

The originators of Grindcore show no signs of mellowing with age. Continue reading

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Force Majeure

RIP Edgar Froese

Edgar Froese, mainman of Tangerine Dream, died last Tuesday. One of the true greats of the worlds of both electronic music and progressive rock.

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John Mitchell - Lonely Robot

Lonely Robot pre-order

John Mitchell’s new solo album, due for release on 23rd February Continue reading

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Latest Music News


Dave Foster joins Panic Room

Dave Foster from Mt So & Soand The Steve Rothery Band will be joining Panic Room for 2015 Continue reading

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Karnataka - Secrets of Angels

Karnataka announce new album and tour

Karnataka are now taking pre-orders for their new album, released in February. Continue reading

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Crippled Black Phoenix  - White Light Generator

Cripped Black Phoenix Woes

Bad news from the Crippled Black Phoenix camp Continue reading


TILT Kickstarter

TILT, the band featuring Steve Vantsis and Robin Boult, announce a Kickstarter for their new album. Continue reading

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Heather Findlay with Odin Dragonfly

Mantra Vega Update

An update on the forthcoming collaboration between Heather Findlay and Dave Kerzner. Continue reading

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Latest Record Reviews

Dressed in Voices

2014 Album of the Year

Most regular readers of this blog will probably have guessed by now that this would be the album of the year. Continue reading

Crippled Black Phoenix  - White Light Generator

2014 Albums of the Year, Part Four

Numbers 2 to 5, which means there is just the Album of the Year itself to go. Continue reading

Cloud Atlas - Beyond The Vale new

2014 Albums of the Year – Part Three

The third part of the albums-of-the-year countdown, getting into the top ten. Continue reading

Luna Rossa Secrets & Lies

Luna Rossa – Secrets & Lies

Anne-Marie Helder and Jon Edwards deliver their second excellent record of 2014 Continue reading

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Polar Bear In Each and Every One

2014 Albums of the Year – Part Two

The second part of this blog’s album of the year list Continue reading

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Latest Concert Reviews

"                               "

A Battleship of Gigs

The Pineapple Thief, Chantel McGregor and Mostly Autumn play Battleships on my diary. Continue reading

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Fish at Reading

Fish – Reading Sub89

With Fish giving indications that this may well be his final tour of club venues on this sort of scale, it’s a case of “see him while you can”. He’s still got it, and still puts on one hell of a show. Continue reading

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Damon Fox at The Garage

Bigelf at The Garage.

With their love of retro 70s sounds and vintage gear, and bombastic theatrical approach to performance, there is nobody else quite like Bigelf. Continue reading

Steve Rothery at Bush Hall

Steve Rothery at Bush Hall

With the majestic first half and the strongly crowd-pleasing second half, this was a life-affirming gig. Continue reading

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Luna Rossa, The Borderline

Luna Rossa’s first headline tour goes from hauntingly beautiful to delightfully quirky. Continue reading

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