Reviews, news and assorted thoughts about music, with a strong emphasis on the British grass-roots progressive rock scene. Which, if you still believe the old clichés, is all about twin-necked guitars, capes and Mellotrons, and twelve minute songs about Hobbits. Only the latter is more applicable to power-metal these days. All opinions expressed here are my own.

A thought. The Libertines are to indie what ELP are to prog. Loved by their fans but epitomising everything non-fans loathe about their entire genre.

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Jimi Hendrix

Nostalgia ain’t what it used to be

Is the golden age of popular music is the era for which you were born five years too late? Continue reading


The Legality of Ripping CDs

It’s difficult to believe that anyone in their right mind would attempt to enforce the latest high court judgement. Continue reading

Fair Streaming

A Model For Streaming?

A fair model for music streaming is possible, but it will cost more than a tenner a month. Continue reading

Zero She Flies - The River

Zero She Flies – The River

Zero She Flies release the four-track EP “The River” Continue reading

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Latest Music News

Mantra Vega Poster

Mantra Vega Live

Mantra Vega and The Dave Kerzner band have announced two co-headline live dates. Continue reading

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Cats are Metal

The video for Mastodon’s “Asleep in the Deep” is definitely a bit surreal, but does star a cat. Continue reading

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Halo Blind Occupying Forces sm

Halo Blind Live

Chris Johnson’s Halo Blind announce a rare live appeatance, with Heather Findlay & Dave Kerzner supporting, Continue reading

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Dave Foster launches Kickstarter for 2nd Solo Album

The Panic Room & Mr So And So guitarist is crowdfunding his second solo album Continue reading

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Latest Record Reviews

Beyond the Buried and Me Coma Ecliptic

Between the Buried and Me, Coma Ecliptic

Between the Buried and Me have succeeded in delivering one of the best albums of the year so far. Continue reading

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Long Road Made Of Gold

Kamchatka, Long Road Made Of Gold

The sixth album by the Swedish blues-rock trio shows them to be very good at what theydo. Continue reading

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Crest Of Darkness cover

This Month’s Metal Roundup

We have Doom Metal, Black Metal, Power Metal and Goblin Metal. Continue reading

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Jacco Gardner Hypnophobia

Jacco Gardner – Hypnophobia

Elements of indie, psychedelia, pop and progressive rock should appeal to fans of Steve Wilson or Halo Blind Continue reading

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Eschaton - Sentinel Apocalypse

Eschaton – Sentinel Apocalypse

What metal must sound like to somebody who can’t abide metal. Continue reading

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Latest Concert Reviews

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Magenta, Bilston Robin 2

Hearing Magenta on record never quite prepares you for the intensity of their live performances. Continue reading

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Karnataka, 229 The Venue in London

As part of the promotion for the single “‘Because of You”, Karnataka played a free showcase gig in central London. Continue reading

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The Swansea Jazz Festival

Since I’m not really a jazz expert, this is more a series of impressions than a full review.. Continue reading

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Knifeworld, Boston Music Rooms

There is nobody else quite like Knifeworld, and they proved yet again that they really are quite a remarkable live band. Continue reading

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Panic Room at Bilston Robin 2

A few words and photos from Panic Room’s final gig of the spring tour, at Bilston Robin 2. Continue reading

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