Reviews, news and assorted thoughts about music, with a strong emphasis on the British grass-roots progressive rock scene. Which, if you still believe the old clichés, is all about twin-necked guitars, capes and Mellotrons, and twelve minute songs about Hobbits. Only the latter is more applicable to power-metal these days. All opinions expressed here are my own.

The water on is actually the ‘tears of a lonely robot’, NASA confirms. Is this John Mitchell‘s doing?

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PiL, Reading Sub89

The artist formerly known as Johnny Rotten has still got it, Continue reading

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Touchstone CRF 2012

Touchstone announce stage times for farewell show.

Touchstone have announced the stage times for their farewell gig in Leamington Spa in November, Continue reading

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Chantel Flowerpot

Chantel McGregor – Take the Power

Chantel McGregor’s dark and spooky video for the lead track from her new album “Lose Control”.

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Gareth Jones Sankara

Sankara – Raise Your Voices

Sankara have released a free download single to celebrate the Rugby World Cup.

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Rattle That Lock

Dave Gilmour – Rattle That Lock

A gorgeously-orchestrated singer-songwriter album from Pink Floyd’s iconic guitarist. Continue reading


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Big Big Train The Underfall Yard

Big Big Train – Victorian Brickwork

Big Big Train performing the song Victorian Brickwork from one of the sold out shows at Kings Place, London in August. Continue reading

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Malady – Kantaa taakan maa

How about some Finnish prog with lashings of genuine Hammond? Continue reading

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Panic Room 2015 Tour Flyer

Panic Room Autumn Tour

Panic Room are back on the road in October with a seven-date tour taking in London, Southampton, Tavistock, Cambridge, Birmingham, Carlisle and Edinburgh. Continue reading

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Damien Sweeting leaves Morpheus Rising

An extremely talented musician who will be a very hard act to follow. Continue reading

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Motorhead Bad Magic

Even the Gods are Mortal

Sadly it’s time for Lemmy to hang up his Rickenbacker. Continue reading

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Latest Record Reviews

Thundermother Road Fever

Thundermother – Road Fever

Short, punchy songs that recall early AC/DC with an occasional nod to ZZ Top, powered with a combination of gutsy vocals, big dirty guitars and an awesomely tight rhythm section. Continue reading

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Chantel McGregor - Lose Control

Chantel McGregor – Lose Control

It’s been a long wait for this album, but it’s well worth the wait. Continue reading

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Operation Mindcrime The Key

Operation Mindcrime – The Key

Some interesting musical ideas, but with Geoff Tate’s voice a shadow of what it was, it all falls a bit flat. Continue reading

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Blackmores Night All Our Yesterdays

Blackmore’s Night – All Our Yesterdays

It’s very difficult to escape the conclusion that after eighteen years and ten albums Blackmores Night has run its course. Continue reading

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Praying Mantis - Legacy

Praying Mantis – Legacy

NWOBHM veterans deliver a polished set of AOR har rock. Continue reading

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Latest Concert Reviews

No photos, because you know what Robert Fripp is like

King Crimson, Hackney Empire

An extraordinary and thrilling experience, as much experimental jazz or avant-garde classical music as it was rock. Continue reading

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Chantel at Leamington

Chantel McGregor, The Zephyr Lounge Leamington

A hard rocking set dominated by new material whets the appetite for the new album. Continue reading

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Cloud Atlas, Bilston Robin 2

Cloud Atlas don’t play live that often, especially outside of York, so it’s well worth catching them when they do. Continue reading

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Magenta, Bilston Robin 2

Hearing Magenta on record never quite prepares you for the intensity of their live performances. Continue reading

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Karnataka, 229 The Venue in London

As part of the promotion for the single “‘Because of You”, Karnataka played a free showcase gig in central London. Continue reading