27 Years Ago this Weekend…

… was my first ever ‘proper’ gig, the 1980 Reading Rock Festival. Headliners were Rory Gallagher, UFO and Whitesnake, with special guests Gillan, Iron Maiden and Def Leppard. Highlights (for me) were Gillan, Maiden and the barnstorming comeback performance by, of all people, Slade.

I’ve seen two artists this year who were on that bill 27 years ago, Ian Gillan, now back with Deep Purple, and Magnum. Both look a lot older and wrinklier now, but can still cut it live even after all those years.

25 years ago, at the 1982 Reading Festival, was the very first time I saw Marillion, a fact that marks me as ancient amongst Marillion fandom (One even said “I didn’t think there was anybody alive who’s heard them play ‘Grendel‘) . I don’t think it occurred to me that I’d still be a fan of theirs a full quarter of a century later.

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3 Responses to 27 Years Ago this Weekend…

  1. Scott says:

    I do wish I’d gotten a Grendel out of them.

    When I saw them on the Fugazi tour, a friend of mine kept yelling from the back of the crowd, “The Knife!” Fish was not happy…

  2. Tim Hall says:

    Someone once shouted “A Flower?” during “Grendel” in the early days. The Big Man is said to have glared at him.

  3. Graeme says:

    I think that woz me wot made the Grendel comment! Great to meet you on Friday