A Fellini Moment?

I’m listening to Odin Dragonfly’s album Offerings, which arrived in the post this morning. Yes, the music is as stunningly beautiful on record as it is live; I’ll post a full review when I’ve had the chance to give it a few more spins.

When it reached the final song, a cover of Stevie Nicks’ Forsaken Love, this email arrives in my inbox.

I suppose He Who Shall Not Be Named would call this a ‘Fellini Moment’.

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2 Responses to A Fellini Moment?

  1. Nick says:

    Hi Tim,
    Fish… mmm… i really had it with him.. and that has nothing to do with his music, although his latest albums are not his best.

    We saw him a dozen times in the eighties a few times in the 90-ies and then back with Odin Dragonfly again. He’s still a great performer and someone who writes down to much…

    Heather did sent the cd yesterday…. so i guess end of the next week I can say if you’re right ;-)

    Keep Rocking,
    Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands.

  2. Tim Hall says:

    He does indeed write too much. When he split with Heather I had a lot of sympathy for both of them, and didn’t want to take sides. Although I’ve never met him, I’ve been a fan of his music for 25 years. But once he started washing dirty laundry in public, my sympathy for him began to wear thin.

    He doesn’t seem to have any respect for the privacy and feelings anyone other than himself. I’m getting rather fed up with his own fans saying “That’s just how he is”. That doesn’t make it right.

    I’ve still got a ticket for his Manchester show on the 15th September. Still not 100% certain whether to go or not.