Autumn Concert Photos

The last couple of months, as is usual for this time of year, has got completely silly gig-wise. I’ve reviewed as many as I’ve had time for, either here or on Trebuchet Magazine – These are some of my photos.

Heather Findlay and Chris Johnson at Bilston Robin 2

We start at Bilston, back in October. Here’s Heather Findlay and Chris Johnson playing as an acoustic support for Touchstone, at The Robin 2. Great to see Heather back on stage again after far too long an absence.

Kim Seviour of Touchstone at Bilston Robin 2

Touchstone just rock. Kim Elkie Seviour is a great frontwoman and visual focus.

Moo Bass (and Henry Rogers) of Touchstone at Bilston Robin 2

Moo Bass and Henry Rogers make a powerful rhythm section, and put the “rock” into “prog-rock”!

Heather Findlay at The Brook in Southampton, first date of her debut solo tour with a full band.

Heather Findlay followed that successful support tour with a headline tour of her own, with a full band. This is from the opening date of the tour, at The Brook.

The Heather Findlay Band unplugged.

The unplugged segment was a highlight of the set.

Bryan Josh  of Mostly Autumn at The Grand Opera House, 19th November 2011

Two days later, Heather’s old band Mostly Autumn played an absolute blinder at The Grand Opera House in York.

 of Mostly Autumn at The Grand Opera House, 19th November 2011

Olivia Sparnenn is far more confident fronting the band after eighteen months in the role. The huge smile said it all.

Anne-Marie HelderAnne-Marie Helder  of Mostly Autumn at The Grand Opera House, 19th November 2011

Anne-Marie Helder plays a big part in making Mostly Autumn a great live act in her role as multi-instrumentalist and backing singer. And playing completely different instruments (flute and keys) to what she plays in Panic Room.

Pete Harwood and Damien Sweeting of Morpheus Rising at The Robin 2 in Bilston, 4-Dec-2011

In December, it was back to The Robin, with Morpheus Rising supporting Panic Room. This picture ought to sum up what they sound like.

Anne-Marie Helder and Paul Davies of Panic Room at Bilston Robin 2, 4th Dec 2011

Anne-Marie Helder and Paul Davies of Panic Room blowing the roof off The Robin at the start of the set. The pyro (yes, they used pyro) turned out to be unnecessary – There was more than enough fire in the music itself.

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2 Responses to Autumn Concert Photos

  1. Chuk says:

    Very nice pictures.
    (I just went to my third gig in 4 weeks which is a lot for me. I take extremely crappy pictures with my cell phone and don’t show them to anyone. :-) )

  2. Tim Hall says:

    At the most insane point I went to four gigs in four days. The following weekend, I did a game convention and a gig on the same day, and Heather had me flyering the queue for the con for the evening gig!

    I used a low-end entry-level DSLR for those photos, although I have shelled out on a couple of semi-pro lenses. Still amazed at the results I get from the Sony 75-300mm, though. That’s not a pro lens by any means.