Classic Rock Society Awards

Great showing for both Mostly Autumn and Panic Room at the Classic Rock Society awards, where they all but swept the poll.

  • Best Female Vocalist: Olivia Sparnenn
  • Best Drummer: Gavin Griffiths
  • Best Guitarist: Bryan Josh
  • Best Album: Go Well Diamond Heart – Mostly Autumn
  • Best Track: Satellite – Panic Room
  • Best Band: Mostly Autumn
  • Best New Band: Parade
  • Best CRS Live Act: Mostly Autumn
  • CRS Personality: Anne Marie Helder

That’s a whopping five-and-a-half awards for Mostly Autumn!

While the CRS awards are less significant that things like the Classic Rock Presents Prog readers poll (in which MA and PR also did very well indeed, against far broader competition), it’s still a very strong endorsement of the new-era Mostly Autumn from a wider community than the hardcore fans.

This ought to serve as a reminder to the small but vocal minority of disillusioned former fans who don’t care for the new lineup that while they may be honest and sincere in their opinions, they are still in the minority.

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