Hipster-punk music writing needs to die

I have written about the need for better music criticism. This piece by Everitt True about Kurt Cobain is the sort of thing we need less of. It’s the epitome of everything I loathe about the hipster-punk school of music writing. True is a talented writer, but he is not actually a music critic. That’s because he doesn’t write about the actual music. Whatever the nominal subject, the piece is ultimately all about himself. And it’s an school of writing that’s ultimately responsible for bigging up more terrible music than 70s prog-rock could ever dream of.

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One Response to Hipster-punk music writing needs to die

  1. PaulE says:

    What an odd idea: that hating a cover version can bring down the original as well.
    Or that subsequent attention from the masses can ruin it for him. It seems as though he hates the mass market but dances to their tune.