International Women’s Day

A shoutout on International Women’s Day to some of the inspirational female musicians whose work has featured on this blog over the years, including Chantel McGregor, Anne-Marie Helder, Anna Phoebe, Angela Gordon, Heidi Widdop, Sarah Dean, Diane Fox, Christina Booth, Olivia Sparnenn, Heather Findlay, Kim Seviour, Lisa Fury, Jane Setter , Rachel Cohen, Charlotte Evans, Vicky Johnson, Hayley Griffiths and everyone else I’ve missed.

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3 Responses to International Women’s Day

  1. Tim Hall says:

    (Updated to add a few names I’ve missed. There are bound to be more)

  2. John P. says:

    Article about women in science fiction:

  3. Tim Hall says:

    Sometimes feel I should write more SF-related posts and reviews on here. On this post I focussed on musicians because that’s the major focus of the blog, and named grassroots scene people I know rather than big-name stars I’m never likely to meet and don’t benefit from word-of-mouth publicity quite as much.