Just imagine.

The prog nostalgia shows have been drawing sizable crowds. The likes of Rick Wakeman reviving Journey to the Centre of the Earth, Steve Hackett’s Genesis Revisited tour, and Yes playing three classic 70s albums in full can fill venues as large as The Royal Albert Hall. But just imagine if everyone who went to one of those gigs also bought a ticket for one of the current prog bands.

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2 Responses to Just imagine.

  1. PaulE says:

    I’m imagining it and I can’t get into any shows :(

    Joking aside, if the motivating factor is purely nostalgia, then they aren’t likely to want to see the newer bands as there will be nothing familiar to unlock the memories.

  2. Tim Hall says:

    Other people have pointed out that bigger audiences would make it harder to see our favourite bands from the front row in small intimate venues.

    But I’d still love to see the bands we love being able to operate on a slightly bigger scale. Breaks my heart to see bands putting their heart and soul into making original music, and see 30 people turn up. The deserve better than that.