Karnataka – The New Light Tour 2012

Atmospheric Celtic-tinged proggers Karnataka are back on the road in the new year with a new lineup. The New Light Tour runs through much of Feburary 2012. The 13 dates announced take in regular progressive rock venues like Montgomery Hall in Wath, Bury Met, and of course, The Robin in Bilston, as well as that strange little venue The Village Hall in Lowdham. A London date is also promised, with venue and date to be confirmed.

This tour marks the d├ębut of what is now the third incarnation of the band, with Hayley Griffiths as the new lead singer, and only bassist and leader Ian Jones and guitarist Enrico Pinna remaining from the band that recorded the superb The Gathering Light released in 2010.

It will be very interesting to see this version of Karnataka in action, and to see how well they manage to interpret the material from the two previous versions of the band. I’m hoping there will be some new songs in the setlist too!

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5 Responses to Karnataka – The New Light Tour 2012

  1. HippyDave says:

    By my reckoning this is (at least) the fifth incarnation of the band. Someday, someone will put together a timeline/family tree that will iron out the numerous misconceptions about who’s been in the band and when (same goes for Mostly Autumn and numerous others, come to think of it)!

    New songs? Maybe, maybe… ;-)

  2. Tim Hall says:

    You’re right that there have been a few more personnel changes over the years, such as Anne-Marie Helder joining for “Delicate Flame of Desire, and at least one change of drummer during the Lisa Fury era, as well as several different backing singers.

    I was thinking in terms of the two occasions when Ian has put together what amounts to a complete new band, including a new frontwoman. Unless you are Dream Theater, changing a singer is a bigger deal than changing a drummer.

  3. HippyDave says:

    I know what you were getting at, old chap. Though I would have to say that an influx of precisely three new members (or 50% of the lineup) hardly equates to a “complete new band” – I’m not counting Louie’s return as a ‘new’ member. Also it’s worth bearing in mind that Colin’s role is additional, and he’s not replacing anybody.

    As far as the new recruits are concerned… Now I’ve actually heard the new line-up playing some of the old material, I think it’s plain that there’s a great deal to be excited about. You know I always rated Rachel’s vocals, but Lisa’s arrival provided a much greater range and a good deal more power; similarly, Hayley’s arrival provides even more fireworks. Add in Cagri’s keys – much more ‘modern’-sounding and suited to the material than Gonzalo’s ever were – and Colin’s violin and guitar not only add to the palette available, but also free Ian up for other things. For instance, “The Journey” has never had a bass part when played live, as Ian had to pick up an acoustic guitar to play – with Colin taking on the 2nd guitar part, it frees Ian up to return to the bass. The result is a much bigger, ballsier sound. And that’s even before you factor in Ian’s newly acquired Taurus pedals… ;-)

    Evolution is a tricky thing. Bands often go through growing pains to get where they need to go, and I think even ian would have to concede that Karnataka have had more growing pains than most. But, just as Lisa’s arrival heralded a sea change, so too the new blood moves things on again. You’ll have to take my word for it until early next year, but there’s a yawning gulf between how the band has sounded playing something like “Heaven Can Wait” in the past, and how they sound now.

    The upcoming tour is really going to surprise some people :-D .

  4. Tim Hall says:

    And I probably didn’t see the Gathering Light lineup at their best. There was that very gremlin-plagued show at The Limelight during that venue’s final terminal decline, and the next time I saw them was at Derby two weeks before the split, when all was clearly not well behind the scenes.

    So it’s a great pity we were denied the opportunity to see them at the Cambridge Rock Festival, at a time when the band were on really good form.

  5. Nathan Page says:

    You going to Lowdham? I see its quite close to Nottm so may make an apperance somewhere.