Live Music for 2007

It’s looking like I’m going to exceed last years’s 14 gigs; I’ve been to four already and it’s only February! This is what’s coming up in the first part of the year. I’ve also got one train show and one RPG convention on the diary so far; both of these have clashed with gigs I’d liked to have gone to in previous years..

March 18 – Karnataka, Manchester
23-25th March – Mostly Autumn Convention, Ringwood (Tickets booked!)
April 19 – The Reasoning, Crewe
April 20 – Porcupine Tree, Preston
April 22 – Deep Purple/Styx (Gotta do one enormodome show once in a while)
(2 June – DEMU Convention in Burton on Trent)
7 June – Either Mostly Autumn at Crewe, or Marillion in Liverpool (awkward dilemma!)
8 June – Mostly Autumn, Bilston
16 June – Marillion, London
30 June – Mostly Autumn, Bury
(6-8 July, Stabcon in Stockport)

Not all these are definite yet; I still have to decide who to see on 7th June, for instance. April’s three gigs in four days is going to be a killer; Monday at work is going to be hell.

I’m really looking forward to the MA convention; at the last count there were going to be eight sets by four different bands over the three days, plus a whole load of other fun events.

Update Tickets ordered for Marillion (in London), Porcupine Tree and Purple. There’s also a gig by Breathing Space in Newton-le-Willows (of Vulcan Foundry fame) on June 22 which I could well be going to.

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5 Responses to Live Music for 2007

  1. NRT says:

    I’ll be at the Porcupine Tree one (not only because it’s within cycling distance of home, for once) and presumably the Marillion show in Liverpool (though I’ve done nothing about tickets for that, now you mention it…).

    Beyond that, I don’t know which concerts I’ll be attending this year. No offence, but none of the others you list, anyway. ;)

  2. Tim Hall says:

    Heh. I know there’s some overlap in our musical tastes, but there’s a lot that doesn’t overlap.

    So there’s no chance of seeing you at Stabcon or the DEMU convention, then?

  3. Ian says:


    Will not be at the Karnataka gig on the 18th but will be at the one in Crewe on the 8th…you going ?

  4. Scott says:

    Hopefully you’ll get to see Railroad Earth in July. No official word yet (or unofficial). Supposedly the UK crowds went wild for them last month.

  5. Tim Hall says:

    If RRE schedule a Manchester date in the middle of Stabcon, I’ll be very, very cross…..